February went by in the blink of an eye. The only good thing about February is 28 days. That, and the fact that I spent most of it somewhere else. There has to be a reason why we stay here, in this jobless, God forsaken city, I just canÕt think of it.

Iran. Can you believe it, Iran helping Iraq. ThereÕs a big surprise. So is every other Middle Eastern country. No one in the world likes us, and the President is upset because another country is giving the citizens of Iraq a helping hand in defeating us. I can think of bigger Flubbers throughout history. Well, actually, I canÕt. This guy pretty much takes the Flubbing cake.

As poverty continues to grow in Galesburg and Knox County, the city council and county board continue to find no answers other than taxing us more to make up for their ineptitude. They just donÕt get it. As every category in the book continues to deteriorate, the one bright spot pointed out in a recent study is the unemployment rate. I would suspect the bureaucrat doing the counting of our unemployed is blind, deaf, and dumb, dumb, and dumber. If our unemployment rate is not 25%, IÕll eat the paper these words are written on. After forty years of Flubs, itÕs one hell of a mess they got us in.

GREDA hires a new marketing person. To market what? A Flub.

The Illinois legislature allowed AmerenlP to raise our electricity rates. A Flub.

Mother Nature helps AmerenlP make a fortune. A Flub.

Galesburg gas remains the highest between here and Hot Springs. Arkansas. A Flub.

FebruaryÕs Flub goes to Hallmark. I went to buy a card and it was $4.99. I wasnÕt planning on paying that much for the roses. I read somewhere that on ValentineÕs Day, one billion cards were expected to be sold. Of course, not all of them would be from Hallmark, and probably not all of them $4.99, but still, think of it? ThatÕs a lot of money for a holiday thought up by, you guessed it, Hallmark. IÕm not sure if the Flub should be on them or on us. Either way, a $4.99 card is pretty stupid.