The only good thing about February is it’s short. I suppose it hasn’t been all that bad, particularly if you like cold, dark, snow, and Valentine’s Day. I hate it getting dark at 5:30-6:00. I’m headed to bed by 7:00. I haven’t seen the Tonight Show for so long I still thought Johnny Carson was hosting it. But February is necessary. Why, I have no idea.

The February Flub goes to me, and to all those writers and commentators out there who, like me, are sometimes seemingly critical of everything. I have never seen myself as pessimistic, but I would certainly have to admit that I am always for the underdog, and ready, at a moments notice, to criticize the top-dog. I have always taken the road less traveled. I have always been a contrarian, even in my investing. When others are buying, I’m selling. And vice-versa. Who knows where this comes from? Maybe my potty training. Maybe because I’m left handed. Or an only child. However one ends up developing this curmudgeon attitude, it is both a curse and a necessary counter to the status quo that one has to grow into and except. At the same time it can be flubbing uncomfortable, yet completely satisfying.

Over the years I have come to label this incessant questioning as "positive doubt." Positive doubt allows for serious questioning of numerous status quo directions that we tend to travel as a society today. I try not to make it personal or demeaning to any one individual’s character, although this is sometimes difficult. For instance, when I talk about right-wing Christians as being morons, or dangerous to society, if you happen to be one, you probably take it personal. Try not to. Try to see yourself in a class of people who are morons, not you personally. Or Republicans. I don’t dislike Republicans. In fact, I know a lot of them that I like. What I don’t like is what they believe. They have been brain-washed, duped. And most of them don’t have enough money to be Republicans anyway.

My style has been likened to that of a curmudgeon, which translates into a crusty, irascible, cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas. While I’m not all that old, I suppose I can accept this label as early onset curmudgeonism.

Anyhow, for all of you positive doubt curmudgeons out there, of which I proudly include myself as one, this Flub’s for us. While we may be a major pain in the ass for a lot of people, the truth is, we’re really pretty nice. We don’t really mean anything by it all, we’re just Flubbers who ask a lot of questions.