Spring has sprung. Thank God. It was a long and expensive winter. I want to personally thank AmerenIP for allowing me to pay my exorbitantly high electrical rates this summer. IÕm sure, with the summer rates and my air-conditioning on, it will be an experience that I will never forget.

Newt Gingrich has to take a piece of MarchÕs Flub, with his recent confession to Jerry Falwell that he was screwing a congressional aide 23 years younger than himself while he was chastising President Clinton for his sexual indiscretions. I like the right-wing, Christian, holier-than-thou crap. I suppose he is considering his confession a born again experience, absolving him from his past sins. Actually, I think heÕs been born again twice. He divorced his first wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer. This guy is a piece of work. For him to even consider running for the presidency is a Flub beyond comprehension.

I donÕt want to forget Flubbing some of the folks who shouted obscenities and gave me the finger for protesting the war on the corner of Henderson and Losey. That was very impressive. The group has been there for four years. Numerous people have come and gone over that time, none of whom I know to be commies, faggots, anti-American or pro-terrorist. I expect the people who yell those things out are uneducated or uncivilized, or both, but I donÕt really know for sure. They may be just confused. Whatever, they get a piece of MarchÕs Flub.

The biggest share of MarchÕs Flub goes to the Veterans Administration, and the lousy job they are doing with those wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. The story on Walter Reed Hospital broke on February 18th, reported by the Washington Post. The condition of the hospital, and the sub-par treatment being given to many of our wounded veterans, has been talked about for at least three years on the internet. Suddenly, everyone seemed to notice. For that, we all get a share of the blame. It is a deplorable situation, to send our soldiers into war and treat them like second rate citizens on their return. It is bad enough to fight an enemy you are unsure of. It is worse to come back home and receive medical and psychological treatment you are unsure of. It is un-American. It is a Flub, pure and simple.