Award winning remodeling project

Is it March or December? All I can see is white from the ground to the sky. And I ain’t even in Pekin. Well, things are bound to get better, although I’ve been saying that about Galesburg for some time now and just look.

March Madness. High school basketball. College basketball. Professional basketball. I don’t watch pro games. You shouldn’t get paid for playing a game. That’s like an oxymoron. I am pretty excited this year about Illinois. I was actually rooting for Southern Illinois, which is my alma mater, sort of. But after they got cheated, I’m now rooting for Illinois. (Hopefully, they will still be in it at press time, or forget I mentioned anything about them). Placing so much emphasis on a game should be a Flub, but I like basketball. So, go Illinois, go!

Congress and President Bush made a strong move on March’s Flub, but I determined that this distinguished group have been dominating the competition over the last five years, and I disqualified them. In one of the most arrogant and most pathetic moves that I have ever seen Congress make, they chose to interfere in a family argument over the right to die, or lack thereof, of a daughter-wife. The situation is hard and bad enough, without these right-wing Christian yahoo’s getting involved. Fortunately for all of us, the federal court system, including the right-wing leaning Supreme Court, told Congress to take a flying leap and mind their own business, which is very difficult for this particular Congress to do. Opinion polls showed strong opposition to Congress’ intervention. Judges acted properly to block their stupidity and Congressional overreach. All I can say is they came very close to another Flub.

But March’s Flub has to go to whoever is remodeling the home on North Broad that was previously occupied by the Mangieris. Given the current economic state of Galesburg, I’m not sure why someone would pay $200,000 to tear down a home and rebuild it? But then again, maybe they know something I don’t. At least I hope so. It has acted as kind of a winter distraction, so I guess I should be thanking them. (By the way, if you happen to have a little left over when all is said and done, the Weik Foundation for a Comfortable Retirement Account could use a little boost.) If you keep it up, you may get the Economic Booster Prize of the Year, from GREDA. They love Galesburg investors, of which you may be the biggest of the year. Then you’ll have two awards to put on what I’m sure will be a new mantle.