April. ItÕs suppose to be spring. It seems awful cold for spring. My flowers are drooping, my lilies are wilted, and I froze my butt off at the horse races in Hot Springs. ItÕs bad when you freeze your butt off in Hot Springs.

Squabbling Democrats. DonÕt you Republicans just love it. The Republican Party fell apart and can hardly field candidates, and the Democrats hand the county back over to them. As a group, this outfit has about a 50 IQ, and that may be giving them the benefit of the doubt on about 10 of those points. I hate to see it, since I lean towards being a Democrat. IÕm starting to lean towards being an independent, whatever the hell that is. I canÕt stand the Flubbing.

Don Imus gets a piece of AprilÕs Flub. Frankly, IÕd never heard of him. I donÕt listen to talk radio. Right-wing, left-wing, middle of the road wing, about as much as I can make out of it, theyÕre all entertainers looking to make money. Not many make a whole lot of sense. Imus has apparently done some good things, but this was not one of them. Calling the second best collegiate womenÕs basketball team in the nation a bunch of Ōnappy–headed hosĶ is not a real good idea. In fact, itÕs a real bad one. I would have fired him within the hour, but it took a little heat to convince ABC and CBS to dump him. These big corporations have to assess the damage. Maybe they can do damage control. In this case it was no, Imus was out. Since I never knew who he was to begin with, IÕm not going to miss him. Another Flubber bites the dust. And deservedly so.

Another Flubber to make a mark in April is U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. You know this guyÕs a Flubber right off the bat because he hangs around with Bush. HereÕs a guy who should be fired, but his boss, Mr. Bush, likes how he Flubbed. So he stays on as a lying Attorney General, sworn to uphold the truth. The truth is, how in the hell can a Hispanic be a Republican? I suppose the answer is, one who Flubs for a living.

AprilÕs Flub goes to the Galesburg voters, only 16% having turned out for the recent election. For granted, it wasnÕt very exciting, but still, Galesburg needs good people on the council, and itÕs up to us, the citizens, to see that we get them. Not voting is an act of stupidity, and complaining in the future should be reserved for those of us who managed to get some new people on the council. Hopefully, the newly elected people will do a better job for us. If we see no improvement, we have a right to complain, which Mrs. Lafferty, the only surviving council person up for election this time, needs to come to an understanding about. The only answer we need to give a councilperson complaining about our complaints is, I voted. If you didnÕt, you Flubbed and shouldnÕt be complaining.