Flubbing our way towards disaster


One of the good things about writing this column is IÕve learned to spell such words as nitwit, moron, incompetent boob, imbecile, dim-wit, and half-wit. I suppose I should use more politically correct words, like mentally challenged, or cognitively deficient, but why beat around the bush. IÕve always figured you should call a horseÕs ass a horseÕs ass, and let the May flowers fall where they will.

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago took a really concerted shot at the Flub this month. They got more animals dropping dead than Farmland has. I suppose some of DalyÕs political hacks are running the place. The Brookfield Zoo should take them over. It could be their downtown branch. Forget all the fancy talk and investigations. Put someone in charge that knows what theyÕre doing. Like maybe one of the gorillas.

The North Seminary Street development has come to a sudden standstill. Ah, those business people. Mr. Tennessee apparently ran into a little anchor store problem. Maybe theyÕre not as sold on Galesburg as he is? Maybe they want to see what they can get from us before proceeding? Anyway, for his premature prognostication, how about a Flub honorable mention.

I still like the house on Broad Street getting the make-over. That Flub seems to be unending.

MayÕs Flub goes to every business in America who cries about the high cost of health insurance. Any businessperson with half a brain would be in BushÕs face yelling for some form of universal health-care. Instead, they pass the costs on to their employees, or do everything and anything imaginable to avoid giving their employees health insurance in the first place. This ongoing assault on the American worker has created an impending disaster to our economy and the well­being of our citizens that is of enormous proportion. It is a disaster born out of ignorance, greed, and an ongoing fear perpetuated by the government and health-care industry that suggests that national health-care is socialistic in nature and would bankrupt our treasury, of which both arguments are hogwash. The simple fact of the matter is, the rich want to get richer at the expense of the rest of us. It is Flubbingly wrong for our government, big business, and the health­care industry to keep fighting the inevitable: a universal health-care plan for everyone, from birth to death. This is an obligation which any country, particularly one calling itself a democracy, should readily make to its citizens. To do any less is an ongoing act of terrorism that needs to be dealt with.