The Flub-A-Dub Award

Rub-a-dub-dub, I think the government gets this month's Flub.

What a deserving bunch of nitwits. I've kept a fairly close eye on our federal government over the past 36 years. I've never been so disillusioned and outright scared of what is going on. And that includes watching Nixon and Reagan underperform to the best of their abilities. I am worried that we are headed for disaster. This is a Ship of Fools taking us down a dangerous stream. Flubbing them is about as good as it will ever get.

One has to conclude that most of the people in this administration have some sort of deep-seated hatred for mankind. Several things, being a mental health counselor, lead me to this conclusion:

1.This administration has the mistaken belief that you can kill your way to peace. This seeming doomsday philosophy even goes as far as to consider the use of nuclear weapons. One day Bush pushes Sharon to seek peace with the Palestinians and the very next supports him in his killing initiatives. He openly calls for the death of numerous world leaders, and most recently had us participate in the overthrow of Venezuela's President, who was returned to power the next day, much to our dismay. Our President has put to death more people than any other person in our country's history. He calls for peace, yet has blood dripping from his hands. He wants Castro out, and calls for democratic elections. This is a man who took office after clearly not having been elected by the people. He raises unsubstantiated questions about Cuba producing biological weapons, yet he has the world's largest nuclear and biological stockpile available for his use. The administration is filled with death warriors, leading us down a negative path. Following their polluted trail will only result in pain and sorrow.

2.This administration believes the ownership of guns is an inalienable Christian right. As best as I can make of this, they believe Charlton Heston is the real Moses, and that he has unveiled the eleventh commandment: Thou has a right to own as many guns as you want. In their desperate attempt to fulfill election promises to the NRA, Attorney General Ashcroft has proclaimed the ownership of guns to be ordained by the U.S. constitution as a good and just idea, one our forefathers would be proud of. Of course they had just completed an armed revolution. They didn't want the federal government to be able to squeeze the states into submission or any type of subservient position, so they allowed state national guards, then called militias, to arm themselves. The government today advocates that individuals should have this same right. No restrictions. This pretty much demonstrates how clearly dumb these people are. If I were them, I wouldn't give guns to anyone. I suppose they plan on being out of office soon. Anyone advocating the widespread ownership of guns is advocating more sorrow and pain for countless tens of thousands of citizens. There is less patriotism in an idea like this than there is in a confessed traitor.

3.Secrecy is a poison to democracy. W. George, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Powell, all of these champions of democracy want to do more and more government business in secret. Recently, Ashcroft has suggested that the administration redefine what they mean by ''public information.'' This in fact translates into meaning we intend on telling you less and less about what it is we are doing. We now have a ''shadow government.'' Hiding in caves. Government in secret leads to tyranny and dictatorships. Personally, I believe that's what these people have in mind. They hide behind closed doors and collude to keep themselves and their corporate sponsors in power; they interfere with state's rights; they keep us scared by telling us the enemy is hiding just around the corner; dictate policy without regard to Congress. And when you point these things out to them, they call you an enemy of the state. This is not good for us. This is not what we deserve. This is not what so many people have died to protect.

This administration has the unmitigated gall to have us believe America can do no wrong, and the rest of the world no right. We hear that ours is a better way, that we somehow know what is best for everyone. I don't understand this thinking, nor believe it. I think it is dangerous and bad for America, and contrary to democracy. We proclaim we know good from evil, that we should be allowed to arm ourselves with any types of weapons, but no one else can arm themselves against us. It is alright for us to wish death on the leaders of other countries, but heaven forbid if someone should do that to us. We think they're wrong and we're right.

Now they want to make it mandatory for our children to pledge allegiance to all this. To our Republic, which stands for what exactly? With liberty and justice for all? I don't think so.

When is it we intend on looking at ourselves and admitting that perhaps we need to make some changes? When do we intend on disarming ourselves? When will we stop supporting numerous dictators around the world? When is it we will free our political prisoners? When is it we will stop making biological weapons? When is it we will elect the President that a majority of us voted for? When is it we intend on providing health-care to everyone, regardless of financial status? This administration is not going to answer these questions. They are going to wave a flag in front of our face and ask us to pledge allegiance to it. Such craziness is what dictatorships are made of. It is insanity to believe we are always right and everyone else wrong. It is delusional. It is Flubbingly ludicrous and woefully undemocratic.

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