May went by like a fright train heading out of Galesburg. A pretty nice May, weather-wise. Dry as some of the oil wells IÕve bought into over the years. Not many spring flowers in my yard due to the last freeze, but everything seems to be coming back. Except May.

TheyÕre still Flubbing down at the courthouse. This thing just seems to get better and better. Before this thing is over, it may beat the mummy story. I canÕt keep up with whoÕs on first, whatÕs on second, and who the hell knows where whereÕs at? You donÕt know who to blame for what, although you got a pretty good idea heÕs on second. I got a fairly good notion it started with the county board not taking the DemocratsÕ choice for a replacement for the stateÕs attorney. That did not seem to be a real good idea. The county board chairman has to carry the blame for that. While I have no idea what the new states attorney may have done or not done, he would have never been involved had it not been for the county board chairman. A major Flub that IÕm betting the new states attorney now wishes had never happened.

It appears Gunther Flubbed on Broad Street. Damn those sewer lines. They should have called JULIE. If they called the city, itÕs probably a draw. And guess who gets to pay?

The cost of gas is at an all-time high in the United States. All that oil we took over in Iraq must not be working very well. ThatÕs that damn foreign oil for you. Exxon-Mobil is making Flubbers out of the rest of us, all the while making record profits. Not just a little profit, but the biggest profit any company has ever made, period. And all we do is sit around the table and cry about it. Flubbers, all of us.

Now, down to the award winning Flub of the month. In the scheme of things, where Starbucks put their new coffee cafˇ is probably not all that important. Except to Perkins. Starbucks built right on their front door. ItÕs not as though Galesburg is hurting for good places to build. IÕm not sure if Perkins Flubbed by not buying their parking lot, or Starbucks Flubbed, thinking theyÕre part of Perkins. Either way, somebody Flubbed.