Boobs and bunkers

June. Seems more like April as far as the weather. But the calendar says June. It has been a bit improved here lately. Less rain, more heat. The flowers like it. My wife don’t. She wants heat.

Maytag made a strong bid for June’s Flub. You talk about some crybabies. "If you boycott our products, we’ll leave." We bought their products and they left. What difference did it make? I feel sorry for the countries they move to. I’ve heard they shoot crybabies in some foreign countries. I hope they know what they’re doing.

The Cottage CEO made a play for the Flub. I get the distinct impression he’s more worried about what St. Mary’s thinks about Cottage’s demise than he is worried about what to do about it. A pretty, although totally unnecessary, office complex led to Cottage’s financial problems. Now the employees will end up paying for management’s poor decisions and performance. Isn’t that always how it is?

Putting the Railroad Daze carnival out at Sandburg was fitting of a major Flub. Railroad Daze should be on Main Street and the carnival in a downtown parking lot. Anything short of that is inadequate and ridiculous. And damaging to the overall health of the community. We can’t even run a festival, much less solve some of our bigger problems.

Although all would be worthy recipients, I’m going to go with the gal who bared her breasts at the U.S. Open the other week. Jim Furyk was in the midst of trying to win his first major golf tournament when suddenly a young lady takes off her top, runs onto the 11th tee, and tries to shimmy up his leg. Now that ain’t right. Where in the rule book does it say you have to put up with that type of behavior? I normally wouldn’t discourage a woman from taking her clothes off, but it shouldn’t be on a golf course. (Unless you happen to be at a Big Al’s golf outing, where it’s kind of expected). I suppose that’s why these fancy private clubs don’t allow women. It can be a major distraction. Furyk did go on to win, much to his credit, although he did look a bit dazed. I’m not sure if it was the boobs or the bunkers. At any rate, he got a million dollar check, and she gets the Flub.