The Flub-A-Dub Award

Vanilla Coke. The ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose, caramel color, natural flavors, phosphoric acid, caffeine. No vanilla. I don't get it?

We're about to attack Iraq. Saddam Hussein once was our friend. In fact, we gave him all his guns. He has nuclear weapons, compliments of the U.S.of A. Recently, he hasn't done anything, yet we are about to kill him. They say civilian casualties will be unavoidable. Congress hasn't declared any type of war, not even a justified one. I thought Congress was in charge of war? I guess I don't understand.

Gee, the Bush administration now admits that perhaps we are having trouble with global warming. There seems to be serious problems burning fossil fuels. Let's see, is oil a fossil fuel? Wait a minute. Let's not do anything. After all, everyone's going to die anyway. Death is much more calming than loss of profit. And easier to explain to your friends. How can anyone, with any degree of sanity, understand this?

The news now comes to us filtered, through mega-corporations. They twist and turn events to keep us fearful of everything, including one another. People mindlessly watch sitcoms and ''reality'' shows, positive that they are being entertained, but never once laughing. More time and money are spent on commercials than on programming. Or are the commercials programming? Maybe I just don't get it.

It takes the Supreme Court to tell us that you shouldn't execute the mentally retarded. Now you would have thought we could have figured that out on our own. Our President obviously didn't. Two mentally retarded individuals were put to death under his governance in Texas. Did he commit murder, ex-post-facto? Who knows.

You can win an election by 500,000 votes and still not win. That is what is called a democracy. Say that to yourself ten times, then believe it.

The major prescription drugs being sold in this country are for two of life's more natural circumstances: depression and anxiety. I think we are suffering from dysfunctional society disorder and opinion influence disorder. I don't believe drugs will help these disorders.

I was thinking about all this while sitting on my back deck, enjoying the morning. Except for the dogs barking at the Illinois Power (actually Dynergy) meter maid, life is pretty peaceful. I've come to the conclusion this morning that the truth is not meant to be found, it is meant to be looked for. Life must be lived as a series of experiences instead of a bunch of abstract thoughts.

To keep ourselves apart from all this madness would not help to change it. We must fight our apathy and disgust now, more than ever.

We surely can't Flub this up? It's so simple. So clear. So calming. So beautiful.

I think I'll have some water instead of this Coke.

Uploaded to The Zephyr website June 26, 2002

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