June was a pretty nice month. The weather was good, BushŐs popularity down, and things at the Knox County Courthouse, rather than just out-of-control, seem completely absurd. And I love the absurd.

Happy Summer Solstice. Remember to keep your air conditioner on 78 degrees. AmerenIP warned us, so there will be no excuse when you get that electricity bill that you canŐt pay. AinŐt they something? Always looking out for us.


The FlubŐs were flying in June. Paris Hilton going to jail really tore me up. I canŐt believe they would put such a petty little thing behind bars. WhatŐs a girl to do? I bet BubbaŐs sister was happy. Anyway, what goes around comes around. You act stupid, you pay. ThatŐs the American way. In the end, it probably only helped her career, if thatŐs what you would call it.


The Register-Mail gets joint ownership of the Flub for June. It appeared important to them that President Clinton did not contribute enough to GalesburgŐs economy while he was here, probably all of four hours. TheyŐve never said a word about the EDC, or GREDA, not contributing to GalesburgŐs economy for the last 30 years, but they were sure worried about Clinton. Typical Register-Mail politics. Don Cooper at his finest. The front page article was Flubbingly stupid and ridiculously biased.


The other half of this months Flub goes to the District 205 school board and the Galesburg High School administration. Holding graduates responsible for their parents or friends or siblings behavior at graduation is a ludicrous idea. Whoever had it should be fired. It would hold up in court long enough for the judge to say, ŇGet the hell out of here.Ó Galesburg once again makes national news for the dumbest of reasons. The administrations premise that graduation should be a solemn occasion is flawed from the beginning. A funeral is a solemn occasion. A graduation should be a celebration. ItŐs not so much that youŐre celebrating the earning of a diploma, since a high school diploma gets you next to nothing nowadays. ItŐs more for having tolerated the nonsense of the administration for four years and not chocking anyone. So, congratulations to the students who were denied their diplomaŐs. You won, they Flubbed. I applaud you for not rolling over and taking their nonsense.