June. I canÕt wait to get my hands on that first fresh tomato. I donÕt know where those store-bought things come from, but IÕm pretty sure theyÕre not tomatoes. Some kind of cheap imitation, similar to Congress. The first thing I do is make bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. ThatÕs one thing you canÕt flub up.

Speaking of Flubs. Our health-care system, or lack thereof, continues to be one of the biggest. I get a kick out of the Republican argument against any type of universal heath-care. Socialism. Great argument. Scares everyone. Conjures up images of evil communists. Than I ask them about Medicare. Surely they donÕt endorse or accept universal coverage of the elderly by the ÒstateÓ? Somehow, that always ends up being different. They just canÕt explain how. Or how about all the incentives given to farmers and big business? ThatÕs all ÒstateÓ money used to manipulate the market and influence free trade. ÒSocialism, a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.Ó Crap, wouldnÕt you know it. We been Flubbed.

Flubs continue to fly in Washington. WeÕre getting screwed left and right. YouÕd think weÕd get tired of bending over, but we keep assuming the position. Congress is like one big proctologist. ÒFolks, this is for your own good. Please bend over. It will only hurt for a second. And please pay on the way out.Ó

I never have caught on to how Christianity and violence coexist? I keep reading accounts of ChristÕs life, and for the life of me canÕt find any instance where he advocated getting even with the enemy. Not one instance where he raised his hand against another human being, not even against those who would despise and crucify him. Yet today we have right-wing Christians siding with the government in the waging of an illegal war, advocating revenge and the killing of those who would be Òagainst us.Ó I never got it while I was in seminary, which is why I left, and I still donÕt get it. Flubbing Christian Soldiers, willing to kill others in the name of a man who advocated peace and nonviolence. Makes you wonder.

JuneÕs flub has to go to all the fear mongers out there. To the corporate media, the government, our right-wing Christian brothers, who so eagerly fuel our insecurities and fears on both the domestic and international fronts. Killer moms, monster drug addicts, people of color, workplace violence, job-stealing immigrants, poor people in general. Add to that the undertone of an expectation of a terrorist attack, and we become dumbfounded, impotent, unable to respond to an increasing loss of our civil and private freedoms, all for some pretty nebulous dangers. JuneÕs Flubbers. Master terrorists in their own right.