It's like a bad dream. I turn on WGIL, 1400 AM, and who do I hear: Rush Limbaugh. On a Galesburg station. And we call ourselves civilized. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, here's to Limbaugh's bigotry and divisiveness, to radio station WGIL for playing it, and to the advertisers who allow their names and products to be associated with it. This Flub's for you.

Here's a sampling of some of Limbaugh's utterances:

''What if a man claimed the right to rape, using the same principle found in the theory that it is his body and he has the right to choose?''

''The poor in the country are the biggest piglets at the mother pig and her nipples. The poor feed off the largess of this government and they give nothing back. Nothing.''

''The high rate of poverty in the United States is nothing more than a statistical trick, a dirty little liberal secret.''

It's time to shut this arrogant bigot off. Think carefully before you purchase any products from the advertisers who underwrite his hateful rhetoric:

''The Native Americans were meaner to themselves than anyone was ever mean to them. The people were savages. It's true, they damn well were... These people were out destroying timber. They were out there conquering the land. Killing each other. Scalping people.''

''There is only one way to eliminate nuclear weapons. Use them.''

Help kick Rush out of Galesburg. Boycott station WGIL, boycott the advertisers during the program, and, if you're a fan of Rush, give your brain a break. Listen to something useful, like your conscience.

''I have a better recipe for black escape from misery than the civil rights leadership does. You make black people listen to this show every day.'' Rush Limbaugh.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online July 25, 2001

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