July is already gone. WeÕve had a lot of heat and little rain, until recently. In fact, itÕs raining as I write this. And to top off July, Super Wal-Mart is opening tomorrow. That excites me all to hell. WeÕve gained three stop lights and one 3-lane street. I guess it pays to be the biggest retailer in the world. You kind of get what you want. I hear some union reps were invited to the grand opening. IÕm impressed.


Speaking of Flubs. July had no shortage of them. Bush continues to say things are getting better in Iraq, even though all the evidence is to the contrary. With the dictator dead, along with an estimated one to two hundred thousand IraqiÕs, no weapons of mass destruction, 4 million refuges, over 3600 American soldiers killed, and tens of thousands seriously injured, it does appear things are coming along quite nicely. This was a Flub of enormous proportions. The fitting ending: Impeachment.


A lot of young golfers appear to be having born again experiences. Some fly-by-night tent evangelist must be following the PGA tour. Jonathan Byrd won the John Deere Classic, and the first thing out of his mouth was thanking God for the strength and peace to win. IÕm assuming that meant God abandoned Tim Clark, who blew it coming down the stretch. A couple weeks ago, Zack Johnson did the same thing, although God must have favored him a bit over Jonathan, since Zack won the Masters. I donÕt know, but I still think God doesnÕt have time for all this crap. I think theyÕre Flubbers, thinking God would have anything to do with their golfing skills. ItÕs the further cheapening of Christianity, which I donÕt care for.


The Flub for July goes to the U.S. Senate. They are a bunch of spineless invertebrates. They know our strategy in Iraq is not working, but they seem unable, or unwilling, to put together two plus two and come up with an answer. They cannot put together the fact that the leaders in the White House are as inept as the leaders in Iraq. (Actually, they are about one and the same). The Senate Republicans, the moderates, talk a good show but tremble at the thought of voting against the King. Even though a clear majority of the American public want us out of Iraq, they canÕt bring themselves to stand up and be counted, which takes us full circle back to spineless invertebrates. Flubbing ones, at that.