July. It sure has been a hot one. Good pool weather. And rain just at the prescribed times. I miss hearing the farmers whine. Maybe weÕll get a good locust plague.

July has brought us yet another war. What would we do with all those weapons if we didnÕt have three or four wars going on? The Israelis are a little upset. Seems they mean to do some cleaning up in the Mideast. The whole thing is pretty complicated and way over my head to comprehend, so I try to bring it down to my level. When one insists on killing the other to get your way, it always adds up to evil. Israel, Great Britain, and the U.S., out to rid the world of terrorists by indiscriminately killing them. ThatÕs a Flub of evil proportions.

Bush, using his first veto, does his right-wing, Christian thing and vetoes government money for stem cell research. Seems he thinks it is immoral. Apparently executions and war are allowable Christian exceptions. This was not a pro-life veto. This is probably one of the dumber things he has done, although doing dumb things does seems to be commonplace to him. There is really no good explanation for such foolishness, short of insanity. (As an aside, I signed commitment papers and sent them to the White House. Since I am qualified to do this, IÕm not sure what the outcome may be, but IÕm guessing I might be writing the next Flubs from jail.) Hopefully, the public will rally to raise money for stem cell research. Maybe, some of the blue states will kick in some state tax dollars. (California already has.) Otherwise, the scientists will all leave. They will pursue saving lives, wherever it takes them. This veto has taken BushÕs Flubbing to new heights, or rather, lows.

After strong competition from Bush and Israel, JulyÕs Flub has to go to Condoleezza Rice, who aims to fix the whole mess in the Mideast by negotiating the Ōlong-term peaceĶ rather than the short-term one. As a Bush flunky, I assume she is hoping Israel will clean house. Before we can have peace, we need to kill thousands of innocent Lebanese people, similar to our strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. As usual, Condi and her boss are wrong. The killing has to stop before the peace can be negotiated. And it should be done so not with U.S. interference, but with the help of the United Nations. The U.S. doesnÕt have the right to talk about Ōthe peace.Ķ Tomorrow WWI began in 1914. WeÕve come a Flubbingly long way. Conflubulations, Condi.