July. Some like it hot, some like it cool. We had a little bit of both. I heard a lot of fireworks this year, they must be legal now. And still no real estate tax bill. They must have finally voted that tax out. My, these politicians are getting smart.

Speaking of taxes. I hear 60% of U.S. corporations no longer pay any. Over the last years, the loopholes have increased proportionate to PAC money being given to the Republican Party. One of the more lucrative loopholes is setting up a dummy corporation in Bermuda. Seems that if you have a post office box number and a Bermuda address on your letterhead, you no longer need to pay taxes. I think we all ought to try this next year. That would put an end to such Flubbing stupidity in a hurry.

The whole Reagan thing was touching, but nauseating. Here is a President who didn’t do a thing for anyone with less than $5 million in the bank. Seems to me he was nothing more than an actor playing the part of the President. I think the whole thing was Flubbingly excessive and a waste of our tax dollars. It definitely provided a marketing opportunity for the Republican Party.

Bush continues to talk about all the jobs he is creating. I e-mailed the White House press secretary to ask where all these jobs are at. After all, there are a lot of people in Galesburg that could use one of them. I never got an answer, cause I don’t think there are any. I think they’re Flubbing liars.

July’s esteemed Flub-A-Dub Award, even though each of the above were well qualified, goes to Slim Fast and the Aladdin Casino in Vegas. Whoopi Goldberg made fun of Bush’s bush. I really didn’t see any problem with that, although it must surely be anatomically incorrect, but the Slim Fast Corporation, with headquarters in The Great State of Jeb, I mean Florida, did. They canned her from an advertising campaign. In Vegas, Linda Ronstadt remarked at a concert that she recommended everyone seeing Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 9/11" before they vote in November. They kicked her out of the hotel. So much for free speech. I smell right-wing Flub-A-Dubbers. I’d have told Slim Fast and the Aladdin to kiss my butt, which is pretty much what Goldberg and Ronstadt did. Here are a couple of ladies that know what a Bush can do.

P.S. Update: New management team at the Aladdin. They invited Ronstadt back. She can use the theater any time. And she can even invite Michael Moore. Rumors are the old management team is joining the Bush administration.