Roses are red, violets are blue, where the hell’s the heat, it’s August, ain’t it?

I’m having more and more problems trying to convince all my right-winged buddies that there is in fact global warming taking place. I’m having more success with evolution. I show them a picture of a monkey and hand them a mirror. What can they say? It works every time.

Anyway, August has not been short of Flubs. I did get a kick out of the bank robbers in the Quad Cities who took advantage of both presidential candidates being in town at the same time to rob three separate banks. That one was Flubbingly great.

I’m amazed at Bush and Cheney trying to demean Kerry’s military record. It’s pathetically funny. Here are two rich, privileged, Vietnam—dodging white boys trying to tell a rich, privileged, Vietnam Veteran that the medals he won were undeserved. If I were Kerry, I’d tell them to kiss my shot—up ass. Bush and Cheney are flubbing idiots, and are not worthy of talking about anything that has to do with the Vietnam War. Their families made sure they were not involved. It’s a little late now.

Both hospitals in town got serious consideration for this month’s Flub. Instead of working together to provide Galesburg and the surrounding area with what could be the best rural hospitalization plan and coverage in all of Illinois, they’re already both expanding services in the same areas and, much to the detriment of the citizens of this area, continuing to escalate this long—standing pissing contest. With just the slightest bit of cooperation, we could show the state and country how efficient and effective a universal community health care plan could be. Instead, it’s just more of the same old thing. It would serve them both right if we all went to the Mayo Clinic. It’s just one Flub after another, until, pretty soon, you begin to expect and accept it.

But, alas, the winner of this months Flub is the CIA. They’ve been busy down in Venezuela stirring up trouble for President Chavez. Seems he doesn’t want to play ball with the Bush administration. You’ll never guess what his country has a lot of: OIL. The problem is, Chavez would like to see his fellow countrymen benefit from all that oil rather than U.S. oil companies. In the eyes of the Bush administration, this makes him bad. Very, very, bad. He overwhelmingly survived a recall election stimulated and promoted by the CIA. A U.S. exit—polling company, I’m assuming hired by the CIA, had him down in overwhelming defeat. The Venezuelan people stepped up to the plate and battered down the CIA and Bush administration. Chavez beat the U.S. lackeys by receiving 59 percent of the vote. Now the Bush administration is saying that the election was a fraud. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Congratulations to the Venezuelan people. And to the CIA and Bush administration, that was sure some mighty fine Flubbing.