September. Where did it go? One moment it was Labor Day, and the next it was Fall. I think the older you get, the faster time goes. Some kind of evil, diabolical trick. Probably has something to do with Bush.

September is playing some funny tricks on me. I find myself agreeing with Don Cooper from The Register-Mail about the county board. Of course, heÕs way more polite than I am. TheyÕre God awful. He suggests no leadership. I suggest no brains. The best investment the board could make with our tax dollars is to get a good administrator. Meeting as a committee of the whole wonÕt work because there are way too many of them. The county board chairman should be elected at-large, and there should be no more than 7, maybe even 5, board members. It ainÕt a big mystery. TheyÕre headed backwards. ThatÕs a Flub.

Remember, you heard it here first. It will be Obama in 2008. Sure, some of the old, washed-up Democrats will be pissed. So what! Obama says itÕs too early. I say itÕs almost too late. We need someone young, with a good heart and mind. HeÕs the best bet out there. He doesnÕt owe any of the good-old -boys anything. He can rally the young and disenfranchised. It will be a major Flub if he doesnÕt decide to run.

Jerry FaIwell, the gifted right-wing Reverend from wherever, recently uttered that he hopes Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination in 2008, because nothing would energize his constituency more, not even Lucifer himself. Unfortunately, heÕs probably right. FaIwellÕs constituency donÕt get energized over much of anything, mainly because of the lobotomies. Besides, Hillary ainÕt going to run. See above. Some of his other notable utterances include 9/11 being caused by gays and lesbians, and AIDS being the wrath of God against homosexuals. IÕm glad heÕs a Republican. Otherwise, IÕd hand in my Democratic badge. FalwellÕs under the mistaken notion GodÕs a Republican. HeÕs one big Flubber. He takes SeptemberÕs Flub, hands down.

But a Flub has to go also to Fox News for trying to out-dual Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton can make mincemeat out of any announcer Fox News has. Bill Clinton can dodge and weave questions better than any other politician alive. He made fools out of the entire right-wing organization trying to impeach him. He can out-debate any Republican alive. If he could run for the presidency again, heÕd win hands down. The worst thing that could possibly happen to the Republicans is for Bill Clinton to be on TV every night until the election. Fox News, that was a great Flub. Keep up the good work.