The Flub recently celebrated its 8th birthday. I held a wonderful dinner party but forgot to send out the invitations. Something of a Flub. But I enjoyed the dinner. And thanks for the memories.

There was no shortage of Flubs in September. It appears the column will be able to continue on for years. Should a month go by when there are no Flubs to be found, I will end the column. Until said time, may your worst nightmare be the receiving of the coveted Flub-A-Dub award.

FEMA and George W. Bush have taken honorable mention for their gross incompetence regarding the disaster in Mississippi and Louisiana. Once again George has demonstrated that heÕs not the sharpest knife in the drawer. When disaster strikes, he falters. Unfortunately, FEMA followed closely behind him. The level of incompetence was higher than the Category 5 hurricane. It has left the country in a state of awe — awfully mad and angry with the President, the Congress, the Administration, and the government agencies that we spend countless tax dollars supporting for apparently no good reason. BushÕs popularity has fallen to 40%, and will soon be lower than any sitting president, ever. And the FEMA director, BushÕs appointee, is gone. Now the real work begins, dismantling Congress and finding a capable new President. One who doesnÕt run and hide in times of disaster.

This month's Flub goes to the people who think it is a wise idea to rebuild a city below sea level. New Orleans is a great town. ItÕs a nice place to visit. Crazy, but nice. It just kind of developed in a weird spot, but a logical one at the time. A great trading and sea-faring town. Today, an idiotic and stupid place to call home. While I do understand the emotional ties to Ōhome,Ķ I do not understand the logic behind a blind attempt at ignoring the reality of the situation, which is living below sea level. It will be a futile attempt at challenging Mother Nature at her own game. She periodically reminds us that we are not the conquerors of nature, but mere participants, much to the dismay of the Army Corp of Engineers. It is Flubbingly naive and costly to think that we can beat her. And itÕs particularly distressing that they are going to attempt to do it with my money. I need it for my own dream home, well above sea level.