I like October. The trees are really beautiful this year. And I like Halloween. A lot of people are going all out this year. I don’t like Christmas competing with Halloween. It ain’t right. Thank God the election is about over. What a joke! They talk about everything that isn’t relevant. We need some serious3rd, 4th and 5th party candidates. The whole thing has become Flubbingly ridiculous.

Speaking of elections. I still can’t believe the Republican Party in Illinois fronted Alan Keyes as their best choice for a U.S. Senate candidate. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen done in Illinois politics. Out of all the human beings on Earth (although I assume you at least have to be a U.S. citizen), they pick a black man whose ideas are whiter than Snow White. This guy is an anomaly, even within his own race. This guy could very well be an anomaly in the human race. The only people with Keyes signs in town are either the hard core right-wingers or certifiably mentally ill. If this guy got the type of government he proposes, he’d be the first gone, being a minority. Sorry, wrong color. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I love it when the Republicans Flub.

October’s Flub has to go to all the taxing bodies in Knox County who failed to back the lawsuit proposed by States Attorney Paul Mangieri against Maytag. And a special Flub to GREDA, who worked so diligently to make sure none of them would back it. After all, they don’t want to discourage any of their friends from moving to town and stealing taxpayer dollars. What a bunch of nitwits. Here’s a company who takes us for over a million dollars and proceeds to dump us like a hot-potato for Mexico’s cheap labor. And all these so-called community leaders can say is, "Gee, we don’t want to scare off any future business prospects by making them think that we will stand up for ourselves and demand some accountability out of them."

The political bodies involved forget that we elect them to protect us from such nonsense, not indulge in it. We don’t care whose feelings it hurts, we want you to do something. Anything! Show us that you have some slight notion of why we elected you. Or quit! None of these people should be reelected. They forget who they work for. GREDA’s support from the city and county needs to end. These people are not producing. They are mired down in the establishment. Hell, they are the establishment. To even suggest that a lawsuit would scare away anyone is an act of gross negligence and Flubbing. Scare away who? You haven’t brought us anyone reasonable and responsible for 25 years. Who exactly are you talking about? Presumably the lawsuit would right a reasonable wrong. Why would that scare away anyone? You’re Flubbing again, and hoping we don’t notice.

Congratulations to GREDA, the Chamber, and all the taxing bodies. You did it again. Just exactly how far down do you guys intend on taking us?