November. Thanksgiving. I’m always thankful for Thanksgiving. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. Followed by pumpkin pie with plenty of cool whip. But all things being equal, it’s not a real good day for the turkey.

One of the things I’m beginning to notice lately is how often some people Flub. Month after month some individuals and groups continue their Flubbing ways.

The city council is one of those. Once again they make honorable mention by continuing to dump our tax dollars into an economic development idea that is 25 years outdated. Worse than the council are the citizens of Galesburg, who continue to buy this "Let’s give our tax dollars to our buddies" nonsense. The city council once again ask no pertinent questions concerning the viability or likelihood that all of this money might one day pay off for us. (Us being the taxpayers.) In the meantime, other communities continue to draw in business and grow. Now, we can only hope that someday, sometime, someone is going to ask The Chamber and GREDA just exactly what it is they keep doing to scare off everyone.

I had a deer make a major Flub. He stood right in front of me while I was going 65 mph. I almost managed to miss him, but his head and rack caught my front left quarter panel. Two thousand dollars later, I’m not sure which of us got the worst of it. We both ended up with a pretty good headache. I didn’t even get any deer sausage out of it. If anyone shots a deer with some gray paint on its antlers, please send me some sausage. I deserve it. I ruined my pants.

I have a notion that K-Mart buying Sears is a major Flub. It’s seldom that you see two struggling businesses unite to form a more stronger union. But I’m hoping that’s exactly what happens, if for no other reason than to give Wal-Mart a run for their money. I’m hoping this is a Flub that ends up not being a Flub.

We bought a home in a foreign country. Arkansas isn’t all that bad. They do speak a foreign language which seems to be a cross between a southern drawl with a serious Mars accent. The median price for a home is equivalent to the price of a trailer. And you don’t need a passport. The main sport in Arkansas is throwing beer bottles at highway signs. I’m pretty good at it, so I should fit in well. While some of you may be thinking it was a Flub to run away from America, I’m thinking it was pretty smart. Flub or smart, the next four years will tell.

This month’s Flub goes to the election. I can only hope that eventually we figure out that there was massive fraud and cheating going on. Otherwise, we’re all a bunch of Flubbers. This Thanksgiving, I couldn’t be more disappointed in the direction we’re headed. While I’m thankful for all I have, it is tempered with an apprehension of what is to come. I can’t help but think that we made a horrible Flub.