November. Thanksgiving. IÕm always thankful IÕm not a turkey. November, a time to start slowing down. If I get any slower, theyÕre going to check for a pulse.

The city council always seems to be in the hunt for The Flub. IÕm never sure if itÕs just me being so disgusted with them, or them being so disgustingly bad that itÕs unbelievable. At any rate, they keep up the disappointing performance. I could think of a worse group of people to lead us, but most of them are institutionalized. They canÕt get it in their heads that they need to do something different, that what they have been doing for the last 30 years hasnÕt worked. By raising taxes to cover their incompetence, they have once again shown a Flubbingly inadequate comprehension of GalesburgÕs economic state. You couldnÕt write a stupider ending to the city managerÕs tenure.

The election was a great Republican Flub. The arrogance of thinking that they can do anything they want and get away with it is unsurpassed in modem day political Flubs. With Bush and his oil-war entourage leading us further and further to the right, it was time for a realignment. And boy, did they get one. It seems to be one of democracyÕs greatest strengths, to move the pendulum back towards the center when it goes too far left or right. I call it The Great Newt-ering. To all you right-wing Republicans out there: Good work. Keep it up.

NovemberÕs Flub-A-Dub Award goes to O.J. Simpson. HereÕs a guy who should be one of the most grateful creatures on earth, having been acquitted of the murder of his wife and a friend when every bit of scientific evidence suggested that he did it. YouÕd think he would shut up and try to go about his life in some kind of grateful way. No, he wants to write a book and do some interviews for TV. And who better to get behind him than Fox. What a bunch of morons. After receiving extreme public ridicule, Fox backed out of the deal, leaving O.J. with all his unpaid golfing debts. You got to have some sympathy for this guyÕs Flubbing ways. Well, maybe not. To add to his trophy case: NovemberÕs Flub-A-dub Award. Congratulations.