December. Welcome to winter. A time of introspection, dreaming, and inner transformation. In the stillness of winter, we have a chance to quiet our minds so that our hearts can see and hear. In fact, IÕm hearing my heart right now. ItÕs saying Florida, Florida, Florida.

It wouldnÕt be right to Flub Christmas. I got enough people thinking IÕm anti-Christian the way it is. So IÕm going to Flub the retailers of Christmas. The push is on to start buying before Thanksgiving. We have seen the Great Commercialization of Christmas. ThatÕs capitalism, not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a profit off a prophet.

It was the night before Christmas, and all thru the town, our taxes almost went up, without nary a sound. But all of a sudden there was a clamor and clank, and wouldnÕt you know it, the tax raise was tanked. A Merry Christmas to the council. And a Happy Year YearÕs to all of us, for talking up. TheyÕve seen the light. They seem to finally understand that you canÕt tax the people into oblivion. Perhaps, like all of us are having to do, they need to cut back city services a bit. Santa would probably ask each department head to make a list, and cut 5% from each of their budgets. Check it twice. Make sure you didnÕt cut any essential services. Over the years, a lot of fat has developed. ItÕs time to do some trimming.

DecemberÕs Flub has to go to the Democrats on the Knox County Board. You talk about a Flub. They gave the Republicans an early Christmas gift — control of the board, even though the Democrats are in the majority. This is what might be commonly called a fupah. Actually, I would refer to it as being brutally stupid. You can skip all the la-di-da talk, the cooperation and bipartisan crap, and chalk it up as excuses. When you meet to elect a chairman, itÕs straight up partisan. True, later on, a lot of issues may split along numerous other than party, but not when it comes to selecting a chairman. You should have enough common sense to know that if a majority of you are Democrats, the calling from the electorate is for you to lead. There were no heroics in this vote. It was straight up pouting and stupidity. And than to suggest that the vote be unanimous, is a slap in every DemocratÕs face in town. ThatÕs not showing bipartisan cooperation, thatÕs demonstrating group hysteria. The chairman of the Democrats should ask them all to step down. In two yearÕs time, the Democrats gave the leadership of the board right back to the Republicans. Perhaps itÕs best that way. They obviously donÕt seem prepared to lead. This definitely gave a new meaning to the word Flub.