Positive Doubt


LetÕs start the New Year off right. To all you naysayerÕs out there who believe I am too negative, hereÕs some positive doubt for you to chew on:

    * I think 2008 is going to bring us a new President that will represent hope, renewal, rebirth, and on top of all that, is intelligent. (This is assuming the Republicans donÕt steal their 3rd election in a row). I believe that person will be Barack Obama. That should make my right-wing friends happy. TheyÕll really have something to bitch about. Oh, happy days.


    * I think the mayor of Galesburg will quit this year. He doesnÕt represent our best interests. He wants us to do as he says, not as we ask him to do. Seems he and Karen Lafferty,  Lomac Payton, and Bill Kendall, know whatÕs best for us. Frankly, I think they should all go into business together, selling worthless ideas to zombies. LetÕs see them try to tax a zombie to death.


    * I believe this year we are going to turn the corner on economic development. I have a reliable tip, (sorry, itÕs secret), that a big, big, company is coming to town. In fact, this company is so big they will probably need to buy the entire town. This will be good for us homeowners, who have such high priced real estate that our taxes are going to go up. The only other clue IÕm going to give you is that their plan calls for putting up a big fence.


    * 2008 brings hope that the citizens of Galesburg may finally take an interest in what is going on in their city. This will require an inordinate amount of time and energy, and perhaps an electro-shock machine. First, we will need to make it clear to the good old boys in charge that we are tired of listening to their excuses and reasons for our economic failures. WE NEED TO FIND NEW LEADERSHIP. Second, weÕve got to prioritize our use of limited resources, i,e our tax dollars. We canÕt let them tax us into oblivion. People have to be given reasons to live here, not reasons to leave. We need to pare back our expenses, not increase revenue by unlimited taxation. We need to question our home rule status and redo, or eliminate, some city jobs. These jobs are high paying, with great benefits and an almost unheard of retirement plan. Ends up, we taxpayers finance a better lifestyle than we ourselves are able to attain. That ainÕt right. Third, each of us has to do more charity work. Take an interest in your neighbor, who might be struggling. Get away from me, me, me, and into we, we, we. A more caring and affordable community will win us a whole lot more business prospects than $150,000 in marketing, 3 trips to China, or TIF and Enterprise Zone deals that would-be businessmen can make a profit from.


    * Someone needs to see the Virgin Mary. That always helps tourism.


    * Speaking of tourism. How about come August or September, we re-enact the Lincoln-Douglas debate by inviting the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees for 2008 to duke it out at Knox College? You talk about big. This idea even impresses me.


    * And finally, hereÕs an unbeatable plan for GalesburgÕs growth. Both hospitals should merge, forming one efficient, comprehensive, diversified, health-care system. This opportunity has been missed at least two or three times in the past. No one apparently has the good sense to see it. This entity could than offer citizens of Galesburg and Knox County, perhaps property owners, a comprehensive insurance plan. This is a no lose, no brain proposition. You talk about economic development. We couldnÕt keep people away. WeÕd have to limit the amount of immigrants we would let in.


The art of positive doubt involves pursuing opportunities that are in front of you, but that you donÕt see. You question yourself all the way, wondering if it is the truth you are pursuing, or just another illusion. But you do it anyway, if for no other reason than to upset the status quo.