The Great Cleansing is approaching

– Bumper sticker of the week: Bush in 2004: He’s a no brainer.

– Quotes of the week: "If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?"

"Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn’t zigzag?" George Carlin

– This Mission is aborted: Charity should have no conditions attached to it when given. To exchange food, shelter, or whatever, for loyalty, or for joining a right-wing organization, or for making a person attend religious services, is not charity, plain and simple. It’s blackmail. Who among us would force the downtrodden, the poor, the needy, to bow down before "Our" God?

– Speaking of heaven: People run around looking for God like they do a lost dollar bill. They run from one thing to the next in a frantic effort to ruin the Great Mystery.

– Where does time go?

– Another New Year resolution: As soon as I review our year end earnings, I’m bailing into money market accounts. Hopefully, we’ll have gained back everything we lost since Bush took office. I may end up losing a little future earnings, but at least what we have saved so far won’t be lost. We’re about to face the Great Reckoning. Corporate greed, coupled with political backing, is about to spell economic disaster. Another 4 years of Bush, and capitalism will implode. It’s going to make one dirty little mess. Still, we’ll naively be proud that we kicked some foreign butt, can buy gas for a buck fifty, and may eventually be able to retire at age 85. We must be idiots wrapped up in a moron.

– More importantly:

• If you don’t have a belief in a higher power, you’re never going to be able to find happiness.

• If you drink too much, or use drugs, stop. It goes nowhere but down.

• When the going gets tough, it’s not the time to panic.

• You are responsible for your life. Your parents are only partially to blame.

• If something doesn’t seem right, take a little bit of time to look at it. Try to feel it, take it into your heart. If you still think it’s wrong, work to change it.

– "Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore." John Prine

– Libya shows better sense than the U.S.: Moammar Gadhafi, leader of Libya, abandons weapons of mass destruction. It’s about time the U.S. and Israel consider doing the same. These so called advanced, high-tech countries are caught up in the ignorance of right-winged politics, which favors death over discussion.

– Beef scare: Mad cow disease. The way these people raise beef, why should it surprise anyone. We don’t hardly have any government inspectors anymore. We allow the companies to inspect themselves. There’s a great money saving idea. Now we pay for it. Bush said he is going to continue eating beef We can only hope. Hope, that is, that he gets the government back into the meat inspecting business. Of course, his cattle raising buddies probably wouldn’t like that.

– Bush said to have hold on male, white vote: President Bush is said to have the male, white vote tied up. Seeing white males are in the minority in this country, he’s in serious trouble. Not all white males will vote for him, I can guarantee you. Figuring about 8 out of 10 white males are stupid enough to believe his crap, he probably has 80% of the white, male vote tied up. That further cuts down what is already a minority vote. Now of course some females will also vote for Bush. Some of them aren’t so smart either. No truly minority person should vote for him. No gay person should vote for him. No person of another faith outside of Christianity should vote for him. No union member should vote for him. No liberal person should vote for him. No one who wants to protect the environment should vote for him. No person with less than $500,000 in the bank should vote for him. No one that can read and write should vote for him. No one potty trained should vote for him. No one with a son or daughter in the military should vote for him. When you add all this up, it should be 55—45%, anybody else wins. This election will come to be known as The Great Cleansing.