Bumper sticker of the week: The last time someone listened to a Bush, folks wandered around in the desert for 40 years.--

Quotes of the week: ''We estimate the wisdom of nations by seeing what they do with their surplus cash.'' Ralph Waldo Emerson

''The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.'' Stanley Kubrik

''Haven't you ever noticed how highways get beautiful nearer the state capital?'' Shirley Grau--

Fox TV features Cheney: While exercising the other day, I saw Cheney on Fox News. Normally I don't partake of this particular propaganda. He was addressing a Chamber of Commerce convention. My first reaction was to grab hold of my billfold.--

How to beat the winter blues:

­­ Take a walk -- to Florida.

­­ Paint everything green. (just joking).

­­ Take up a hobby. I like peeving right-winged Christians. You should try it.

­­ Do something nice for someone, like allowing your kids to live another day.

­­ Get a pet. I hardly ever get blue. I'm too busy picking up poop.

­­ Try cooking and baking more. This is good for the blues, but bad for your stomach.

­­ Take up a winter sport. Walking from bar to bar doesn't count.

­­ If all else fails, there's always Prozac.--

Some lightning fast thinking: (I thought all this up in one minute.)

­­ It's easier to forgive than forget.

­­ Democrats are sexier than Republicans. Have you ever heard of a good piece of elephant?

­­ Giving tax breaks and refunds to rich people doesn't make sense. They ain't about to spend it, they already got every damn thing they need.

­­ There sure are a lot of people that look alike in Louisiana.

­­ Amtrak cut their fares to make more money. There's good management.

­­ Gas prices are headed up. Natural gas prices are headed up. Electricity prices are headed up. Damn near everything is headed up but the stock market and our salaries. Bushenomics.

­­ Don't blame me. I voted with the majority.--

The health care crisis deepens: Increasing health care payments for employees and retirees finally have people a little worked up. Many employers are going back on their word that they would help pay the costs of retirees' health care premiums. Case is a good example in the Quad Cities. The cost for retirees has risen from $100 per month to $500. Many companies are simply saying they will no longer provide health care coverage for their employees. The number of uninsured Americans is rapidly escalating, now conservatively estimated at 45 million. Still, the government does nothing and the American people wallow in their own misery, dumb enough to think that a national health care plan would somehow not be ''American.'' How dumb can any one group of people be? Pretty dumb.--

I've been blinded by the right: Censorship, no choice, racism, Christianity or Hell, public school prayer, school vouchers, public money for religious organizations, war above negotiations, cameras everywhere, the perpetuation of fear. These are the things I can do without. My eyes are starting to go, watching all this nonsense. I'm being blinded by the right.

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