Boulevard of broken dreams


— Bumper sticker of the week: No uterus, no opinion.

— Quotes of the week: “It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.” Garrison Keillor

“Live to the point of tears.” Albert Camus

— Things that you can change:

You can change your underwear.

You can change lanes when you’re driving.

You can change your bed sheets.

You can change the color of your hair.

You can change political parties.

You can change your mind.

But don’t try to change someone else’s behavior, not unless you’re being paid for it.

— Boulevard of broken dreams:

• “You’ll always have a job here.”

• Earning a living wage.

Retiring from a job with a pension.

Affordable, reliable healthcare.

Together till death do us part.

Expecting justice.

“I won’t do that ever again.”

Thinking your life will be better by using drugs.

Participatory democracy.

I can get ahead.

I should have done what my heart told me to do rather than my brain.

— How long must we hate? : It can be a long, hard road to come to that place inside yourself where you finally accept others for what they are. It’s not that you necessarily have to agree with them, or everything that someone does, or says, or even that you have to like them, but you accept them as fellow human beings, you come to understand that your way is not the only way. You realize that diversity, variety, differentness is the spice of life, that all of us doing things the same way, or thinking the same way, or believing the same things, would make for a very boring and sorrowful, robotic existence. If you have a son or daughter who is gay or lesbian, and you denounce them as morally degenerate, or sinful, or damned for eternity, they will not be begging for God’s forgiveness, or crying out in loneliness from their deathbed, but you. If you believe color, or religion, or ethnic origin, or social status is enough to judge a person as inferior, or unworthy of God’s love, it will not be the black, or the Muslim, or the Jew, or the poor, who will have trouble getting inside the Pearly Gates. The door will be shut on you. You can attend all the church you want, sit right up front, even sing in the choir, and make Bible study every Wednesday night, but your butt is still going to be in a sling. And rightly so, because you just don’t get it.

— Bush warns Democrats to hold down the rhetoric on Iraq during the 2006 campaign. It might hurt his efforts to make them the 51st state. I say screw him. He started it.