We could be so much more.

– Bumper sticker of the week: Happiness is Bush’s picture on a milk carton.

– Quote of the week: "He ran down the heart of the midway, where the weight guessers, fortune-tellers, and dancing gypsies had once worked. He lowered his chin and held his arms out like a glider, and every few steps he would jump, the way children do, hoping running will turn to flying. It might have seemed ridiculous to anyone watching, this white-haired maintenance worker, all alone, making like an airplane. But the running boy is inside every man, no matter how old he gets." – The Five People You meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom

– Warmongering Powell tries to explain his lies about Iraq: Colin Powell was one of the most influential persons pushing America into war with Iraq. After a recent think tank report stated most of what the administration said about Saddam and Iraq were wrong, he’s back to defending himself and Bush. I never saw an individual who seemed so good go down so far, so fast. I think he hangs around with Bush too much.

– There’s so many thing going on in the world

Babies dying, mothers crying

How much oil is one life worth

And what ever happened to peace on earth. –"What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth," Willie Nelson

– During the campaign of 2000, Bush promised his fellow right-winged Republicans that he would eliminate as much "evil" government as he humanly could. As it works out, he has expanded the role of government, particularly as it has to do with interfering with our lives and freedoms, more than the last three Presidents had. And to top it off, he has driven up the deficit to an all-time high, another Republican no-no that was continually voiced during the Clinton years. He has done the total opposite of what he said he would do. Of course, he uses 9/11 in a perverted attempt to cover up his incompetence.

– To meet his own re-election needs, Bush has now become the Great Regulator. This is the same man who campaigned on deregulation promises. It wasn’t three months ago, Bush declined to consider the same cattle regulations he recently proposed. Of course, mad cow disease in the U.S. was added to the equation. And he does have an ulterior motive in trying to do something: he has a ranch full of cattle. Immediately after he took office, he null-and-voided a Clinton proposal to lower the level of arsenic allowed in our drinking water. Now he’s bringing it back, except of course it’s now his idea. And the administration is suddenly rethinking its objections to the Kyoto Treaty, which Bush shit-canned immediately after taking office. Suddenly, Bush seems very concerned about our well-being. Yea, sure. There’s an election coming up. Should he be re-elected, he’ll dump these things faster than the morning commode.

–Now Bush has an immigration plan. At first glance, it looks like maybe he has turned over a new leaf, and wants to help illegal immigrants. At second glance, it’s another election ploy. He wants to help his rich buddies with some cheap labor. And the employer holds all the cards. One false move, one complaint about 16 hour days, or injury, or unsafe working conditions, and you’re sent packing. BushWorld, where slave labor is highly prized. Where is the integrity in all of this?

– The Peever’s Positive Doubts:

• Some people say I’m negative. I say it’s good to have doubts. I don’t like sugar-coated nonsense. There is no nobler a task than in upsetting the status quo.

• I have serious doubts about people who hide behind Christianity to promote right-winged Republicanism. I do not think political ideology should be interwoven with religion. I deeply admire Christ and his teachings. I hate to see them perverted.

• When a town goes as far downhill as Galesburg has, something has to be wrong. When the engine in my car is not working, I get it fixed or get rid of it.

• I believe, when it comes right down to it, that human beings are inherently good and nonviolent by inclination. When you look around, that’s definitely an optimistic view.

• I continue to believe you cannot kill people and expect good to come of it.

• I still don’t think foreign terrorists are the most dangerous people we have to worry about.

• I don’t think the people in Washington are fundamentally good. I think Bush and his cohorts are evil. I hardly ever think that of anyone.

• Capitalism cannot work with democracy. They are not compatible. You don’t hear any of the candidates saying that. They’re scared to.

• Still, this country is worth doubting over. We could be so much more than we are.