Choice or no choice


-Bumper sticker of the week: The peopleÕs right to know is inversely proportional to their ability to be fooled.


-Quote of the week: ŌThe privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.Ķ  Joseph Campbell


-In BushWorld, all thatÕs left are lies: Bush and his merry band of war-mongers lied every step of the way prior to our invasion of Iraq. In fact, the lies have been added up to 935. Nine-hundred and thirty-five times, Bush and his advisors lied about reasons to go to war with Iraq. Bush himself lied 232 times about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, and 28 times about the al Qaeda having ties to Iraq. Take a look for yourself at www.publicintegrity.org. It is a national disgrace and an impeachable offense. The question is: Why has nothing been done about it?


-Knoxville gives in to GREDAÕs greed: Just more of the same. The Knoxville council gives in to more arm twisting and decides to ante up. They should all be removed for lack of good judgement. For lack of any judgement.


-Speaking of city councils: I see Alderwoman Lafferty is at it again. Scolding her fellow councilmen for changing their minds about taxing the public into oblivion. I suppose she has a point. I havenÕt changed my mind about the poor job she and her fellow councilmen are doing. IÕm assuming thatÕs good.


-A 4 ½ percent raise for the brand new city manager. Now thatÕs showing some fiscal restraint. And a list of his accomplishments would be?


-Politics 101: Ah, but for the good old days. When all we had to worry about was the President getting a blow job. Now thereÕs a tanking economy, a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a health-care crisis, a lying crisis, a spying on ourselves crisis, and a ŌletÕs send all the jobs overseas for the cheap laborĶ crisis. Crisis politics requires an element of fear to be present. Fear of terrorists, fear for your job, fear of immigrants, fear of getting sick, least you canÕt pay the bills, fear of the government tapping your phone, bugging your computer, and looking at your list of books you checked out at the library. As long as weÕre shaking in our boots, we will allow the President and his henchmen to do whatever they want in the guise of security and freedom. DANGER: LEVEL ORANGE. This national paranoia props up what would otherwise be a totally incompetent and useless government. The current administration has done nothing notable for anyone other than the rich. Thru all of it, they have somehow managed to get richer. Bush and his right-wing Christian soldiers have wrapped themselves up in the flag and can be heard singing, ŌOnward Christian SoldiersĶ during their daily prayer vigils at the White House. Americans, being the gullible lot we are, eat this stuff up like itÕs filet mignon. Chalk one up for Karl Rove, and his Deceptive Marketing Scheme 201. Seems the world has nothing to fear but us. A diabolical twist on FDRÕs famous words. This administration has caught us up in a paradox that can only lead us to death, destruction, fear, deception, and hopelessness. How can oilmen bent on ruling the world for financial gain possibly lead us towards peace, reconciliation, compromise, sanity, and sustainability? The answer is obvious.


-Some people shouldnÕt be parents.


-Anti-choice is not a choice. ItÕs more of the same old thing: Males dominating females.