­­ I can hear your thoughts and see your dreams:--

Mr. Bush wants to be King.--

Gates is leaving town. I can see a contaminated site left behind.--

Somebody doesn't want to clean up McCabe's either.--

Maytag wants a tax break to free up some money to buy land in Mexico.--

I see a nice, new, shiny downtown, but I don't see any people.--

Somewhere in town, someone is thinking of starting a support group for right-winged Christian soldiers who are hooked on a gun touting, pro-capital punishment, anti-gay Jesus. Good luck.--

Someone at city hail will soon be leaving.--

I see the next governor of Illinois wearing a dress, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions.--

No, I have no idea what is going on at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, but I think it would make an excellent Buddhist temple.--

No, the Mayor is not suppose to vote. They need a parliamentarian. I got one in mind.--

I can read your mind, it ain't that hard.

And your thoughts are oh so simple.

To snatch your dreams, I think I will.

For mine are all too silly.

­­ Welcome to Bush World:--

Elections are decided by the Supreme Court, not by the voters.--

International treaties are as worthless as Enron stock.--

Where you can go to jail for the color of your skin, or your national origin, or just because.--

Where the rich get richer, and the poor get paid minimum wage working for them.--

Where pretzels are considered lethal weapons.--

Where speeches are given in five word sentences.--

Where the Senate is thought of as evil.--

Where keeping secrets is the new national theme.--

Where patriotism and flag waving are thought to be the pillars of democracy; Christianity the national religion; and good, rich, white folk can get together behind gated communities without the fear of some damn minority showing up.

­­ Killing two birds with one stone: The Crow's Nest. My answer to McDonald's, Hardee's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried, and Wendy's. An all natural, fast food palace that features none other than the Crow. Where you can eat crow to your heart's content:--

The Fly-By-Night Double Crow Burger. Lean, mean, and needs no condiments to mask the lack of flavor.--

Crow Bites: Tiny marcels of strictly black meat.--

The Deep Fried Crow Fillet. This is a good replacement for fish at Lent.--

The Broiled Crow, lightly dusted with charred feathers, crow beak, and ground crow nails.--

Crow Stew, with roadkill added for extra flavor.--

Blackened Crow. This is the whole crow, feathers and all. For the hearty appetite.--

A children's favorite: Crow Dogs.--

And as a house specialty, Crow Tongue Sandwiches on Rye. While this does take quite a few crows, it helps keep down the noise at night.

The Crow's Nest: Fine down-home dining at fly-by-night prices.

­­ Here's another bright idea, compliments of BushWorld: A pilot welfare program to help single welfare mothers, not with the unjust economic situations they must face, or hungry babies, or health-care, but help with getting married. In BushWorld, the King thinks he's cupid.

­­ My recent medical problems have slowed me down, made me think about retirement, old age, death. I discovered thinking about death won't kill you. Still, I don't know that I take it as a real pleasant subject. I have never felt vulnerable nor old. Never, until Sept. 11, 2000, when a sternal staph infection almost took me to the beyond. I am still no more prepared than I was, which I suppose is my denial at work. There are so many places I would like to see, so many things I would like to see happen, so many relationships I would like to strengthen. I don't have time for death. But I suppose it will always have time for me. Maybe when I'm 85.

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