Chicks groin-shot Bush


— Bumper sticker of the week: Dumbfuck Mountain, starring George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, with guest appearances by Condi Rice and Antonin (call me Tony) Scalia.

— Quote of the week: ÒIf youÕre servinÕ the devil, all of the clover leaves and rabbitsÕ feet arenÕt goinÕ to help you any.Ó Ethal Corn

 ÒWhy, you know that thereÕs a higher power if yÕ just look out ... theyÕs somebody, somethinÕ, behind it.Ó Kenny Runion, from The Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book

Book of the week: Marley & Me, by John Grogan. ItÕs a good read, particularly if you like dogs. On a scale of 0-10, IÕd put it at about a 7. Well worth the time.

— Restaurant of the week: Joy Garden. This is some of the best Chinese food, anywhere, much less in Galesburg. And itÕs a super value. Lunch carries me thru two meals, with most being under $5.00. ItÕs pretty much a take-out, but thatÕs ok, I donÕt like eating around others anyway.

— Dixie Chicks take it right to Bush: The Chicks take five Grammy Awards with their album Taking the Long Way and their Grammy winning best song ÒNot Ready to Make Right.Ó I have to say, I loved it. They smacked old Bush right in the crotch. As youÕll recall, Bush and his right-wing cronies tried to ruin their career after they made some remarks concerning his intelligence. As you can see, heÕs about as good at ruining someoneÕs career as he is governing the country. Congratulations to the Chicks for defending the first amendment and not backing down to BushÕs vengeance.

— How to spot a right-wing, Christian, Republican across the room:

¥  Look for glowing, red eyes.

¥  TheyÕll be describing Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Bill 0Õ Reilly as Saviors.

¥  Look for the smirk, although itÕs a little faded after the last election.

¥  They may be wearing a white sheet disguised as a white shirt.

¥  The ring on their cell phone plays ÒOnward Christian Soldiers.Ó

¥  Since they havenÕt evolved, they may look a bit rough.

¥  Yell out, ÒGo Hillary,Ó or ÒGo Obama,Ó and watch them start to twitch. (Warning: You may want to have a straight jacket available. This one can easily get out of hand.)

— Democracy, or rule by the people, cannot work unless economic inequality and capitalist exploitation, are kept in check, allowing for greater equality of political participation. Marx, while wrong on a few of his assumptions, was right on this one. Today, corporate influence is running the country. In simpler terms, Bush is sucking the life out of the working and middle classes. Without some kind of monitoring, or regulation, weÕre screwed. Marx figured that out also.

—Why do women wear crosses deeply snuggled in their cleavage? I hate to stare at a womanÕs religion.

— Our new mayor so far hasnÕt showed me much. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Of course, he didnÕt mention those jobs would all be minimum wage. The only thing IÕve seen him do so far is take Paulgrove, Kendall, Payton, Vasquez and Lafferty with him, to Nowheresville. Together, they take up space that could be better used by, well, just about anyone. It would be nice to see maybe one, just one, creative idea come from this elected body. As Galesburg nears the 30,000 population mark, minus the 2,000 prisoners, leaving us at 28,000, they sit there and play games on their, or rather our, computers. The only person who answers their e-mail is Spah. IÕm assuming the rest are too busy with solitaire.