The alchemist


— Bumper sticker of the week: Ignorance and arrogance is bad foreign policy

— 21st century alchemy:

¥ Try as we may, you cannot turn war and killing into peace.

¥ WeÕre adding too many humans to the formula.

¥ If I could turn dog poop into gold, IÕd be in the money.

¥ IÕd love to be able to turn humans into frogs.

¥ Solve each small problem as it comes. It adds up.

¥ The alchemist is less interested in the outcome and more interested in the process.

— $100 worth of advice for free:

¥ Never say anything you mean. YouÕll only live to regret it.

¥ Insanity is nothing more than a minority view of reality.

¥ Talking is way over-rated.

¥ The single most important factor in a marriage that lasts is not love, but the overwhelming

need to always be wrong.

¥ Try not to get killed while driving a car. YouÕll probably get a ticket and your license will

likely be revoked.

¥ There is a mental health diagnosis for every human dilemma. This is in and of itself insane.

¥ Never, ever take the advice of a counselor whose life is more screwed up than your own.

¥ The higher the degree, the less likely that person will be able to help you.

¥ When your kids want to leave home, let them.

¥ In life, there are only three things that really count: breathing, money, and sex, not necessarily in that order.

— Bushweek in review:

¥ It has been uncovered that apparently the White House knew more about the hours immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit than they at first were willing to admit. The ex-FEMA director has apparently decided not to be the designated scapegoat.

¥ Vice President Cheney shot his friend while hunting and the White House was not anxious to talk about it. Who knows what that may all be about, but I bet it ainÕt good.

¥ Seems al-Qaeda was going to blow up LA four years ago. And wouldnÕt you know it, BushÕs security plan foiled it. This smells like a Karl Rove trick. When people are on you about your incompetence, scare the hell out of them. TheyÕll fall in line real quick. Apparently, four years ago no one bothered to tell the officials in LA about the incident. Probably because they just made it up.

¥ It appears Bush was a little chummier with lobbyist Abramoff than he claimed. Damn pictures.

¥ A Patriot Act compromise. It is now called the Victory Act. A touching bit of nonsensory. The Justice Department apparently did the re-writing. They tied the drug war in with terrorism. We now have narco-terrorists. I couldnÕt think this stuff up if I were writing fiction.

¥ The wire-tap business is unraveling. A growing number of Republicans are having doubts about the program. So what do the Democrats do — some of them immediately support the program. Dumb Dems.

¥ More torture allegations from Guantanamo Bay. It appears no one, at any level, has the guts to straighten this out. In the meantime, people suffer.

¥ Bush took a whooping at the Coretta King funeral. The pro-Bush, corporate owned media immediately cried foul. How dare anyone take their master to task at a funeral? For the life of me, I canÕt think of a better time or place to call his presidency into question on behalf of the poor and suffering than at Coretta King's funeral.

A bad week for Bush turns into a pretty good one for me. More alchemy.