On turning sixty


-Bumper sticker of the week: Unrepentant Hippie.


-Quote of the week: My doctor says IÕm in the first stage of fossilization.


-On turning sixty: My sixtieth birthday is right around the corner. Wow! Sixty. I almost died at 52, so IÕm pretty excited to turn sixty. I got over growing old. Now I see it as a battle won. IÕm content with it. As least as content as you can get. Growing old does signify the end growing near. ThereÕs no amount of technology, or science, or praying, that can change that fact. We all were born equal regarding death. But the whole of it is hardly about death. It is about life and living it. ThatÕs the hard part. What to do with your time? In the end, thatÕs all weÕve really got. Time. How to use it best? If you live life to the fullest, regrets come with it. I donÕt know how you could live life without regrets. I donÕt see that happening. You shake them off and try to do better. Seems thatÕs what being human is all about. You do, and redo. Do, and redo, until, ah, that feels better. I think IÕve got it. I feel happy with that. Happy is what youÕre after. Not a tee-hee kind of happy, but a contentment, a feeling that this is it, IÕm doing the best I can. IÕm going all out. IÕm happy with who I am. I like myself. IÕm a decent husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, employee, friend. Do you work at staying positive, not bellyaching, trusting others, doing good? Are you demeaning? Do you hold color, or religion, or sex, or sexual preference, against others? Do you seek out something greater than yourself, because in the end, if we are as good as it gets, weÕre screwed. None of this comes easily, and none of it is comfortable. Being a decent human is hard work. And it doesnÕt get any easier with old age, although it does get a bit more pressing. But itÕs never too late. Following your bliss is a calling to each of us that must be heeded to find happiness.


-The Grammy Awards were sure a lot better than the recent State of the Union address. The Grammy Show was uplifting, celebratory, and had a little something for everyone. The recent State of the Union was, on the other hand, depressing, boring, and more of the same. I particularly liked the Beatles Sgt. PepperÕs tribute on the Grammy Show. They played my favorite all-time song, ÒA Day in the Life,Ó with a performance by the Cirque Du Soleil. Bush performed his usual monologue, complete with teleprompter, two sentence paragraphs, and a butchering of the English language. It must has really stirred up Congress. They gave him repeated standing ovations, which  corresponded to their combined intelligence, which apparently numbers somewhere around 26.


-IÕm still hearing arguments from politicians who fear our withdrawing from Iraq will cause a bloodbath. What the hell do they think it is now?


-Some politicians, particularly John McCain, think the situation is getting better in Iraq. Besides being blind, deaf and/or dumb, this guy is just straight out a war hawk, who wants to solve our problems by killing anyone who thinks differently. Of all people, John McCain should know better. Having been a POW in the Vietnam War, he apparently didnÕt use the time very reflectively. He only shows bitterness and a propensity for revenge. If this guy becomes the Republican nominee, our efforts must double to defeat him. He represents everything that is wrong with Washington. He is out of touch with the world and anything representing good. HeÕll go down by 7 percentage points, which is a huge defeat by todayÕs standard. To either Hillary or Barack.