BushWorld: I guess he taught the Dixie Chicks a lesson.

— Bumper sticker of the week: They call him “W” so he can spell it.

— Quote of the week: “When I was sixteen, I thought I was in love, and it made me sick — sicker than a dog. My pap tuck me to the doctor, and come to find out, it wasn’t love — it was worms.” The Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book

Song of the week: I like the Grammy winning song of the year, Not Ready to Make Right, by the Dixie Chicks. Number one: They are a whole lot better looking than the other groups, and have a lot more talent. Number two: The song was in response to Bush trying to ruin their career because the Chicks questioned his intelligence. Five Grammys. This one’s for you, Mr. Bush.

— Where would you draw the line as a non-violent person:

     Would you advocate not killing anyone, under any circumstances? How about war? Protecting your family? Your property?

     What about capital punishment? Do you believe some people deserve execution?

     Abortion? When do you believe life starts? Is a female’s right to control her own body more important that a fetus?

     Euthanasia? Should you be allowed to kill yourself? Would you consider that a violent act?

     What about striking someone in self-defense?

     How about paddling a child who misbehaves?

     Would you extend your non-violence to animals? Insects?

Where is the dividing line? Is there a dividing line? Thou shall not kill mentions no exceptions. But are there exceptions? And who establishes them? Are there degrees of non-violence? Perhaps there is no such thing?

— Attractions:

     Good attracts bad. Bad attracts good. Good usually doesn’t attract good. Bad always attracts bad.

     Big has its place in the world, as does small. Not everything can be big. Big germs wouldn’t be good. That would be annoying.

     The rich attract the poor, usually to do their work for them.

     Does life attract death, or does death attract life?

     Smart is attracted to school. Dumb is how they run them.

     Men are attracted to women. Usually.

     People who drink too much are attracted to bars. Bars are full of alcohol. Alcohol makes you attracted to anything.

— Send in the Crown: If Bush wants to expand the war in Iraq, he should parachute into the middle of Baghdad dressed up in his war regalia, stand in the center of one of the holy sites we have demolished, and proclaim to all the world: I know there are weapons of mass destruction here somewhere. I’ll find them, just you wait and see.

— Want more hypocrisy?: Clinton was impeached for lying about sex. Many of those same Republicans still in office refuse to impeach Bush for lies resulting in 3100 U.S. soldiers being killed, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed, and tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers maimed or injured. Also, he made billions of taxpayer dollars disappear. You talk about hypocrisy. Which is worse: A blow job or a con job?

— Iran President says West should end nuclear programs: Damn, the President of Iran is obnoxious. He wants us to give up our nuclear weapons before he comes to the table to talk about giving up his. That takes some nerve. Who does this guy think he is, asking us to give up anything? I say nuke em’. It would be for their own good. They got to learn how to live in Bush World.