Leave It To Peever

­­ Bumper sticker of the week: To err is human. To rub it in is divine!

­­ Quote of the week: ''Our idiot-in-chief does nothing to hide his ignorance -- he even brags about it. During his commencement address to the Yale class of 2001, George W. Bush spoke proudly of having been a mediocre student at Yale. 'And to the C students, I say you, too, can become President of the United States!' The part where you also need an ex-President father, a brother as governor of a state with missing ballots, and a Supreme Court full of your dad's buddies must have been too complicated to bother with in a short speech.'' -- Stupid White Men, Michael Moore

­­ Advice to high school activists:--

Start an underground paper. You may need to print it off school property, since the powers that be may not like what you have to say. But they can't stop you. Distribute it out on the street in front of the school. Discretely place some on the lunch room tables. You have a right to give the other side of a story, no matter how upset it makes the administration.--

If there are any prayer activities going on, include Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Native American prayers. After all, a prayer is a prayer. The administration and our right-winged Christian brothers and sisters have in mind white, Christian prayers. Spoil their day.--

Check out the Illinois laws governing public education. There are more than likely some obscure laws still on the books that you can use to your advantage. Legislators update these things about every 100 years, whether they need to or not.--

If any of the teachers are spreading right-winged ideology, ask to bring someone in to give a different point of view. You don't have to listen to anyone's personal beliefs. I'd be glad to volunteer.--

If the administration is making up rules as they go along, call them on it. Take your grievances to the school board. They won't like it, but they have to give you time to speak. They think you're better off seen and not heard. Surprise them.--

On the day the state legislature schedules one of their infamous standardized tests, to measure your intelligence, which they tamper with by not providing enough money for your education, play sick. Most parents with an intelligence level about 75 would probably go along with you.--

Don't allow the administration or school board to play favorites when it comes to doling out discipline. If they favor a star basketball player that they need for the playoffs, let it be known. Hang notes on the lockers, make a banner for the game, call the local newspaper. (It will probably need to be The Zephyr. The Register-Mail is pretty well sold out to the status quo.) The louder you yell, the less likely there will be any type of retaliation.

The rules:

1.Know what you're doing.

2.Expect to be disciplined. The administration expects you to stand in line, be quiet, and not talk back or question anything they do.

3.Never harm anyone with your actions.

4.Don't do it alone. It is easy to weed out a lone protester. Gather some like-minded students.

5.Remember, nothing is better than seeing the principal squirm.

­­ Managers of most businesses do nothing and get paid a lot for it. This has become true for profit as well as non-profit organizations. Peever's Principal #21: The biggest crocks always rise to the top, once again proving that slime will always float.

­­ The Illinois Chamber of Commerce finally gave up trying to beat Lane Evans, U.S. Congressman from this district. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was strike three, you're out. Too bad. They should have used their money to squelch the increasing unionization of employees. Big business don't like you to organize. It makes them squeamish. They may have to pay you a living wage, which has never been and never will be their intention.

­­ I've tried to look at our war on terrorism from about every angle, and it still don't add up. The death toll of innocent civilians is somewhere over 5,000 in Afghanistan, and rising. My own personal belief is that it has become an act of murder. Those responsible should be tried. Our right-winged friends are expressing their disgust at diversity and ways of living they know nothing about. They would sooner kill than try to understand. It is a despicable and disgusting time in our history. I for one am not proud.

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