Here are definitions for some of the words I use fairly often. This should help you to understand the depths to which I go to give meaning to the ridiculous. For what else do we have but words.


BushWorld: BushWorld is a place inhabited by rich people. Most were born rich, they didnÕt earn it. BushWorld is made up of such things as Wal-Mart, downsizing, political corruption, disintegrating schools, every child left behind, recession, prison crowding, minimum wage jobs, Halliburton, the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, money laundering, sweatshops, homelessness, bankruptcies, corporate welfare, monopolies, war, torture, environmental catastrophe, terrorism, fear, a tanking economy, illegal phone tapping, a right-wing Supreme Court, an appointed President, unemployment, monarch, autocracy, and a general gloom that saps the life out of everyone. BushWorld is not a good place to be. Hell, it ainÕt even a good place to visit.


Conservative: While liberals tend to look forward, a conservative prefers to look backwards for answers to todayÕs problems. Yesterday looks so much better to them than today or tomorrow. Being a conservative is not necessarily bad, it just seems like such a waste of time.


Democrat: (see Republican)


Dumber than a box of rocks: This is a person who has attributes of a nit wit, idiot, and being just plain stupid, all wrapped up in one. This would be someone like our President.


Flub-A-Dub: A Flub-A-Dub is similar to a fupa. It is a grave mistake, sometimes done with good intent, sometimes done out of sheer stupidity. To be Flubbed is to be held in the lowest of esteem, regardless of your rank.


Idiot: An idiot is a person who does dumb things, but not so dumb of a thing that they would be considered a nit wit. You can work with an idiot, although you have to use really simple words, like, Ō Hello, Mr. President,Ķ or ŌCan you speak Mexican?Ķ


Liberal: A liberal most recently has been a person who is trying to behave like a moderate Republican, but who isnÕt very good at it. TodayÕs liberals hate to be called liberal. I donÕt blame them. Being against capital punishment, war, torture, being pro-choice, supporting separation of church and state, speaking out against poverty, injustice, corporate greed, racism, sexism, and demanding  a sustainable environment are all things you wouldnÕt want your name associated with.


Moderate: This is a person who canÕt commit to anything. ŌGee, I donÕt know, IÕm going to stay neutral.Ķ This person dislikes confrontation, so they stand right in the middle. Moderates are ok people, theyÕre just a bit boring.


Nit Wit: This is a person who may have Flubbed. Someone kind of like Gov. Spitzer from New York. A nit wit is not to be confused with an idiot or someone who is just plain stupid. A nit wit is really dumb. Death sentence dumb.


Republican: A Republican is a person who loves big business, and is willing to finance them with our tax dollars. Republicans tend to favor war and a strong military. They dislike helping those in need. Most Republican politicians are more interested in being re-elected than they are governing. When left to their own devises, a Republican will always screw you. Never bend down in front of one.


Right-Wing Christian Soldier: A right-wing Christian Soldier is generally white, Christian, male, Republican, above age 50, and quite possibly may have had a lobotomy at one time or another. Right-wing Christian soldiers believe the Bible to be the one and only true word of God, Christianity to be the only religion eligible to get into Heaven, they read the Bible literally, except that part which talks about coveting thy neighbors ass, and all show signs of having been potty trained in a rather harsh manner. When you cross politics with religion, you get a right winged Christian Soldier, capable of the most idiotic notions known to humankind, like stem-cell research being bad, or war being noble, or abortion being immoral. Moronic things like that.


Stupid: Stupid refers to the simplest of dummies. Many people do stupid things. Not all of them are necessarily stupid, but probably.