War – what is it good for?

– Bumper sticker of the week: Regime change begins at home.

– Quote of the week: "And now look at the great war still devastating Europe: think of the colossal brutality, cruelty, and mendacity which is now allowed to spread itself over the civilized world. Do you really believe that a handful of unprincipled place—hunters and corrupters of men would have succeeded in letting loose all this latent evil, if the millions of their followers were not also guilty? Sigmund Freud

– Redneck mothers:

• You pee on the same tree as your dog.

• Bush seems awful liberal to you.

• You were conceived on a fishing trip.

• You think a pickup truck with a beer cooler in the back makes for a pretty nice RV.

• It makes you feel real good that you got the biggest gun.

– "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." Yoda

– The difference between a dog and a fox is about 4 beers.

– The longer I live, the less that seems to make sense.

The straighter I try to walk, the more off—course I get.

I try to laugh and I cry.

I cry, and laugh about the whole thing later.

You should be afraid to die, but living somehow seems the scarier of the two.

You try to live in peace, but anger won’t let you.

The challenge is always there.

The goal is to not take it.

– I’ve talked to more than one teenage girl who was pregnant by her father. Do you suppose that’s what right—wingers mean by parental consent?

– Let me make sure that I’ve got this right: In order to make sure that Saddam Hussein does not use weapons of mass destruction, we are going to use weapons of mass destruction to disarm him?

– A Peever prediction: You heard it here first. President Bush will be tried as a war criminal. You cannot wage war on a country that has not directly provoked you. You cannot blatantly kill people in order to feed your ego. You cannot destroy a country to allow your rich friends to rebuild it. No matter who your daddy is. A war tribunal will take up these questions. Congress should all be added to the list. What a bunch of numbskull do—nothings. In fact, most of Washington should be put on trial. If a world court doesn’t clear them out, we should.

An added bonus prediction: Tony Blair will be looking for work. He’s history. Special added prediction: Millions of people world—wide are going to be taking to the streets. Hopefully, they will remain non—violent. Our goal should be to usher in a new era, one filled with understanding, humility, negotiation, compassion, compromise, honoring one another’s diversity and ending the role of male aggressiveness, which has dominated our world since the beginning. No longer will men like Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Lott, bin Laden, Hussein, DeLay, Tony Blair, surface as world leaders. They will be relegated to building houses for the poor. This time is coming, and has been written about. The Aztec and Mayan civilizations called for 2012 as the year of reckoning. People mistakenly understand this metaphor to mean that the end is coming, like in the end of the world. I don’t believe that was what is meant. I believe it is a call to do things differently. A time that we can atone for the mistakes that we’ve made. Bush is inadvertently going to lead us to this time. It is imperative that we take this opportunity. The world cannot survive as it is currently going. Aggressiveness and domination have to take back seats to compromise and compassion, or we will all find ourselves in hell.

– War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.