– Bumper sticker of the week: Bush pro—life? Bush pro—war? We’re confused.

– Quote of the week: "We are truly ‘sleepwalking through history.’ In my heart of hearts I pray that this great nation and its good and trusting citizens are not in for a rudest of awakenings....Yet this chamber is hauntingly silent." Sen. Robert Byrd

– "Shock and Awe": Madison Avenue idiocy. I’d call it "Bull and Murder." Fifty percent of Iraq’s population is under age 15. You talk about creating future terrorists.

– Eleanor Roosevelt: Eleanor championed causes that are today being defiled and degraded faster than a homosexual at a Republican National Convention. Listen up!

"No one shall be denied freedom of movement."

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile."

"No one shall be tortured."

"No one shall have the privacy of family, home, or correspondence violated."

"Everyone has the right of freedom of thought, conscience, and religion."

"Everyone has the right to a social and international order in which these rights and freedoms can be fully realized."

Now read the Patriot Act, and the proposed revisions. If it doesn’t scare you, check your pulse. It should give you the willies. The Act can be directly traced back to Hitler’s code of ethics. As it works out, one of Hitler’s advisors has a protegee who is directly linked to some of Bush’s administration and at least one Supreme Court member. This is not a make—believe connection. It is real. And dangerous. Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes.

– It is a difficult time for all of us: Days like these, everything seems to pale in comparison to the effects of war on us, our loved ones, and our enemies. The spring doesn’t seem as sweet, the flowers as fragrant. The promise of everlasting life doesn’t seem very comforting. I don’t think anyone wants anyone harmed, but people are getting just that – harmed. If you’re not careful it can tear you up, eat a hole in you. While some demonstrate in support of war, others demonstrate against it. It seems clear, no one really wants it. Yet it’s here. We have unleashed an arsenal of weapons that would make the devil himself flinch. Through our senseless name calling and finger pointing, our intolerance and close—mindedness, our revenge and inability to forgive, our dependence on oil and capitalist greed, our imperialism and drive to become the rulers of the world, through all these human frailties and probably countless others, we drift away from our main purpose: to be happy and to wish that for everyone.

– Michael Moore blasts Oscar: Michael Moore, continuing his recent success, scores an Oscar for his documentary, "Bowling for Columbine." He already had to his credit the most financially successful documentary, "Roger and Me." And he is the author of "Stupid White Men," the best selling nonfiction book in 2002, currently remaining at third on the New York Times best—sellers list, where it has been for 50 weeks. He was merciless on the war, wearing a button reading, "Shot Movies – Not Iraqi’s." The louder the crowd booed, the more he pressed. It was clearly the highlight of the evening, and every bit as good as "Chicago."

– Ten ways to tell you’re a right—winged Christian:

1. You picture God as a white male, about age 58.

2. You take everything in the Bible literally, except the part about not killing.

3. If anyone suggests there might be other relevant religions, you turn homicidal.

4. You get Moses and Charlton Heston confused.

5. You think Rush Limbaugh is a prophet.

6. You figure the American flag might well have been the original Shroud.

7. Anybody who don’t think like you is the enemy.

8. Liberalism has this hopeful, compassionate, caring quality to it that you despise.

9. You’re good at maintaining a position of ignorance and close—mindedness.

10. Look in a mirror. If it doesn’t cast a reflection, don’t say I didn’t warn you.