Here are some definitions to better help you understand the world:

¥ Flub-A-Dub: A Flub-A-Dub is similar to a fupa. It is a grave mistake, sometimes done with good intent, sometimes done out of sheer ignorance. To be Flubbed is to be held in the lowest of esteem, regardless of rank.

¥ Nitwit: This is a person who may have Flubbed. A nitwit is not to be confused with an idiot or someone who is just plain stupid. A nitwit is really dumb. Death sentence dumb.

¥ Idiot: An idiot is a person who does dumb things, but not so dumb as to be considered a nitwit. You can work with an idiot, but you have to use really simple words. Get it!

¥ Stupid: Stupid refers to the simplest of dummies. Many people do stupid things. Not all of them are necessarily stupid, but probably.

¥ Dumber than a box of rocks: This is a descriptive term for a person who has attributes of a nitwit, idiot, and is just plain dumb, all wrapped up into one. This would be someone like our President.

¥ Right-wing Christian Soldier: This is generally someone who is white, Christian, male, Republican, usually above the age of 2, and quite possibly has had a lobotomy somewhere along the line. Right-wing Christian Soldiers believe the Bible to be the one-and-only word of God, making Christianity the only religion eligible for entrance into heaven. They read the Bible liberally, except that part that talks about coveting thy neighbor's wife, or her ass. They show signs of having been potty trained in a rather harsh manner. When you cross right-wing politics with fundamental Christianity, you get a right-wing Christian Soldier.

¥ Liberal: A liberal is generally a person who is trying to behave like a moderate Republican, with little success. TodayÕs liberals hate to be called a liberal. You can hardly blame them. Being against capital punishment, racism, sexism, war, and speaking out against poverty, injustice, corporate greed, and environmental degradation are hardly things one would want their name associated with.

¥ Conservative: While liberals tend to think forward, conservatives like to pride themselves in thinking backward. Things were better in the old days. They cherish the old ways. Yesterday was far better than today. Tomorrow is only likely to be a disaster. Being a conservative is not bad, it just seems such a waste of time.

¥ Moderate: A moderate is a person who canÕt decide whatÕs what. Indecisive is the defining term. Boring is the end result.

¥ BushWorld: BushWorld is a place inhabited by rich people. Most of these people were born rich, they didnÕt earn it. BushWorld is made up of things like Wal-Mart, Halliburton, Citibank, down-sizing, globalizing, money laundering, tax evading, hidden partnerships, sweatshops, corporate welfare, union busting, accounting fraud, spying on citizens, homelessness, war casualties, and prison crowding. It is not a place where humans should want to live.