The Peever takes on Galesburg’s dining experience:

I like Mac’s Place on Tuesday and Friday nights. They have the best salads on their salad bar in a 500 mile radius. And the ribs and prime rib aren’t bad either.

• I’ve always liked Old Peking. Their green beans are the best in the world. And you can’t beat their buffet. Besides, one of the waitresses is my girlfriend, she just doesn’t know it.

• I still like breakfast at The New Friendly Cafe on Lincoln St. The Mexican omelet is one of my favorites, as is the farmer’s skillet. For your money there’s not a better buy between here and Montgomery, Alabama.

• The Landmark is one of the only places in town that features something a bit different. I get tired of wings and hamburgers. They always have a diverse menu that they change fairly often. A bit pricey, but well worth it. And I like the fact that a lot of the good-old-boys hang out there. I like to throw food at them.

McGillacuddy’s is the nicest bar in town, bar none. You could take the place, set it in downtown Chicago, and not miss a beat. If I were them, I’d have a more diverse menu and feature a Rueben sandwich, reminiscent of the Downtown Lounge, topped off with a glass of Killian’s Red, or Leine’s Red. But since I’m not them, I enjoy what they have.

• Upscale and city-like, The Innkeepers is mainly for sweet eaters and coffee connoisseurs, although I understand they’re serving sandwiches. Since I been laying off the sweets, I don’t make it there very often. Too much temptation. Whoever is doing the baking is doing a really nice job. A great addition to downtown Galesburg.

• For Mexican I like Jalisco. I’m partial to the chicken chimichangas and the enchilada Guadalajara. And the margarita’s aren’t bad, either.

• The noon meal at Swedough’s is a well-kept secret. It’s always good and fairly priced. And Swedough’s is now smoke free. It smells like a bakery for the first time in the 25 years I’ve been going there. The waffles are a real treat in the a.m., as are the apple, cinnamon glazed donuts.

• For pizza, I go to Hammers. I prefer the Sicilian Garden Variety. I think it’s the best Galesburg has to offer. I often get it to go. I’m a bit antisocial. We have a lot of mediocre pizzas in Galesburg. Remember, this ain’t Chicago.

• Delinos’ is an oft forgotten eatery at what was the Cottage Professional Building. They specialize in sandwiches and desserts, two of my favorites. They do a really great job and are well worth a visit.

– I stop fairly often for a carry-out lunch at the Joy Garden. I like a lot of their dishes, and you get plenty of it. I usually have enough for two meals. It’s not much of a dine-in place, but for your money, you can’t beat it.

– LaGondola’s is another great sandwich place. I often get spaghetti or ravioli, which in Galesburg is about as good as it gets. Their bread is excellent. The family feast is a good buy.

So, sorry if I didn’t mention you. The above may be sorry that I did. At any rate, Bon Appetit!