Losing population plus rising taxes equals no leadership.

– Bumper sticker of the week: Think – It’s Patriotic

– Quotes of the week: "I read the news today. Oh boy." A Day In The Life, John Lennon, Paul McCartney.

"The culture of drink endures because it offers so many rewards: confidence for the shy, clarity for the uncertain, solace to the wounded and lonely, and above all, the elusive promises of friendship and love." A Drinking Life, Pete Hamill

"No man’s past can be changed. It’s a fact, like red hair." A Drinking Life, Pete Hamill

– Guess who gets the contract to rebuild Iraq? Bechtel. And guess who they plan on giving subcontracts to? Halliburton. In BushWorld, you never quite leave CorporateWorld. You just keep on looking for new countries to blow up.

– What would happen if you condensed the world into a town of 100? (All my right-winged friends need to take notice).

57 would be Asian

21 Europeans

14 from the Western Hemisphere, North and South

8 Africans

52 females

48 males

70 non-white

30 white

70 non-Christian

30 Christian

89 heterosexual

11 homosexual

Six people would possess 59% of the wealth, all from the United States.

One would have a college education.

– With the leadership that we have in Galesburg, by the next census, our population might well be down to around 25,000. Our only salvation might be in Henry Hill expanding by another 6 or 7 thousand. Otherwise, our 20 year downward spiral is about to get a serious boost. And the only sounds coming from the city council are: let’s raise taxes. Losing population plus rising taxes equals no leadership. -P + $ = 0. Or Gifford plus Allen plus Kendall plus Paulsgrove equals a bonanza for the good old boys and a bust, or bus, for the rest of us.

– Right-winged ideology is everywhere: From the White House to the outhouse, right-winged Christian ideology is spreading its garbage over all of America. And way too many Americans are eating it. It cloaks itself in Christianity and patriotism, making a mockery of both. In the absence of thinking, it is much easier to spew out a line of "God Bless America", never thinking for a moment that God might bless all of His creation, not just Americans. People wave flags, not understanding in the slightest that democracy calls for justice, citizen participation, compromise, and unwavering loyalty to human life, not painted cloth or religious preference. The flag now seems to stand for domination, militarism, capitalism, Christianity, and a world order featuring right—winged fascist ideology. It is a tragic time in America’s history, but a hopeful one. All of this will soon end. Not all Americans are morons.