— Bumper sticker of the week: When I want your opinion, IÕll beat it out of you.

— Quote of the week (Arbor Day tomorrow): ÒThe best time to plant a tree was 200 years ago. The second best time is now.Ó  Chinese proverb

 ÒHalf-trees are for halfwits.Ó The Peever

— The conservative group Landmark Legal Foundation has proposed  Rush Limbaugh for the Nobel Peace Prize. ThatÕs a good one.

— Some really weird things:

     ¥ Dick Cheney shoots an attorney in the face.

     ¥ Sexual predator and congressman Mark Foley is on the committee to protect children from sexual predators.

     ¥ The flag burning amendment came up again this year. Once again it went up in smoke. DonÕt these guys have enough to do?

     ¥ A wall to keep out illegal immigrants. Chances are fairly good theyÕll use illegal immigrants to build it.

     ¥ How can you vote to start a war one day and the next say, Oops, I made a mistake?

— Number of days U.S. troops fought in World War II: 1,347. Number of days troops have fought in Iraq, as of April 15th: 1484.

— Some really stupid things:

     ¥ Piercings, pennies, and political conventions.

     ¥ Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and talk radio.

     ¥ Fat free, sugar free ice cream, non-alcoholic beer, and holes in donuts.

     ¥ Lawyers, meteorologists, and proctologists.

     ¥ Brussels sprouts, liver, and limburger cheese.

     ¥ Push-up bras, thong underwear, and high heeled shoes.

     ¥ Gambling, gossiping, and electronic gadgets.

— The benefits of hanging around with older people:

     ¥ It makes you feel younger.

     ¥ They all look alike.

     ¥ Sex is always an issue, even when it ainÕt.

     ¥ Older and wiser donÕt necessarily mix.

     ¥ I like people who go to bed early, wake up early, and take naps in-between.

     ¥ If I had my choice of sitting with old people or young people, thereÕs no contest. IÕd stay at home.

— The Galesburg City Council election was an interesting cleansing. LetÕs hope it was for the better.

— Galesburg losing shoppers: ThereÕs an interesting observation. Number 1: ThereÕs nothing to shop for in Galesburg. Number 2: Our sales tax is not an incentive to shop here. The new city manager is making a quick error. LetÕs hire someone. To do what? HereÕs my suggestion: DonÕt give GREDA any more money, put the money saved in the bank, draw interest, and consider yourself ahead of the game. In the meantime, pick someone out at city hall, where we already have way too many administrators, to be an economic development director. That job should take up about one hour of their  time per week. Remember, progress doesnÕt come with spending money, it comes with using your head.