­­ Bumper sticker of the week: Who owns you?

­­ Quote of the week: ''One seems to get nearer to nature in the early spring days; all screens are removed, the earth everywhere speaks directly to you; she is not hidden by verdure and foliage; there is a peculiar delight in walking over the brown turf of the fields that one cannot feel later on. How welcome the smell of it, warmed by the sun; the first breath of the reviving earth... Nature is always new in the spring, and lucky are we if it finds us new also.'' Riverby, John Burroughs

­­ The new bankruptcy laws favor the rich and, guess what, hammer the poor and middle class. MBNA, the worlds largest peddler of credit, saw to it that anyone who falls on hard times and cannot pay their bill ends up ruined, their credit rating destroyed. George W. got $240,000 from MBNA's executives, its CEO was one of Bush's top fundraisers, and the company threw in $100,000 for his inaugural gala. Cash put in to help elect; legislation put out to help make richer. It's all in a day's work for these guys.

­­ The World Trade Organization (WTO), in its attempt to dominate the world marketplace, will hold its next meeting in the tiny Persian Gulf nation of Qatar. Hard to get to and seriously short on democracy, the participants are betting that few protesters will show up, or for that matter, even be let in the country. The recent gathering in Quebec was once again plagued by naughty demonstrators, estimated to be about 50,000 strong. A ten foot tall, two-and-a-half mile long chain link fence was erected in downtown Quebec to keep the demonstrators away from the Summit of the Americas, a gathering of 34 heads of state in the Western Hemisphere. Cuba was excluded at the request of the United States. President George just can't understand why these hooligans would be protesting against free trade and the advancement of America's imperialism. If he would only stop to talk to any of the protestors, any one of whom is probably smarter than himself, I'm sure they would gladly explain to him why they dislike how his daddy and Mr. Cheney got so rich.

­­ The Navy reprimands the commander of the nuclear sub that sank the last Japanese threat to Pearl Harbor. For his stupidity and showboating, he was retired from the Navy with full benefits. What a terrible punishment. I've been hoping for that kind of sentence all my life.

­­ George W. is going to be met with more and more protesters as he unfurls his right-wing agenda for America, which has everything to do with making his rich buddies richer, and promoting fundamentalist Christianity as the sovereign religion of the world, and nothing to do with democracy and freedom of anything.

­­ So far in my 53 years, no one has shown me one good reason why I shouldn't be a grouchy old man.

­­ Oxymorons:--

I always thought this was a funny use of words: military intelligence.--

Have you ever had casual sex?--

How can you be half naked?--

Impossible -- Republican Party.--

An Amtrak schedule?--

There's no such thing as soft rock.--

Never believe a politician when he talks about a temporary tax increase.--

Have you ever heard anyone give an unbiased opinion?--

How can you be legally drunk, or have a sanitary landfill?

­­ Can you believe, Jesus has a website. Jesus.com. Some interesting stuff. Seems a contest is going on to win a shower with Jesus. I figure it must be some kind of updated baptism. If some homophobic, right-wing, male Christian wins this thing, there will probably be a holy war.

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