One hell of a mess


— Bumper sticker of the week: If God talks to Bush, IÕm becoming an atheist.

— Place of the week: Park City, Utah. The 2002 Winter Olympics was held there. The place is really neat. Of course, it features winter sporting activities, which really suck. And itÕs not a place for the financially faint of heart. The most expensive home we saw was $25 million. Still, itÕs a nice place to visit and gawk at the rich.

— Quote of the week: ŅI hate those men who send into war youth to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men, making their wars that boys must die.Ó Mary Roberts Rinehart

— The war drags on and hardly anyone notices. The Bush administration continues their policy of killing anyone who disagrees with them. ItÕs a rotten shame how things have ended up. We are the laughing stock of the world. Everyone knows how arrogant and stupid our President is. Fear and worry hover over the land like smog, all three of which Bush denies. The American public, by a clear majority, do not want to be at war. And we dare to call this a democracy? This country has clearly moved to a theocracy, at best, a dictatorship, at worst. We may not of had everything right in the 60's, but we did know how to end a war that was unjust. This has become one hell of a mess.

— I drove my son out to Reno, Nevada. He is relocating from Chicago after seven years. New girlfriend and new job. Eighteen hundred miles from our doorstep to his. I have mixed emotions about him being so far away. Our son and daughter have never been over 250 miles away. This is a new experience for me. Another first after 32 years of parenthood.

— Speaking of Reno: Guess who was in Reno? Paul Anka. A late Ōfifties rock star. The first album I ever bought was ŅPaul Anka Sings His Big 15.Ó I think it was 1957 or Ō58. I paid $2.50. I still have it, along with 999 others. He couldnÕt sing real good back then. IÕd hate to hear him now.

— Support any candidate who is proposing universal health-care. ItÕs for our own good.

— The Supreme Court now has five Catholics sitting on the bench, four of whom are serious right-wingers. Ladies, you can kiss free choice goodbye. These five men know whatÕs best for you.

— There are a lot of pathways that lead to happiness: Yeah, I know, youÕre wondering what happiness is? IÕve always felt a happy life is one you are content with. YouÕre reasonably certain you are doing the best you can, at any given moment, under any given circumstance. You donÕt get to that place by happenstance. You work your way there. You get on a path that is good and you proceed to work your butt off. That may mean you need to get counseling, change jobs, move, take better care of yourself, take up yoga, meditate, start going to church, admit your weakness to yourself and someone else, keep a journal......Whatever it means, the pathways are many, but they are all strewn with obstacles, none of which you canÕt overcome. But it takes patience, persistence, and hard work. And for the advice, $100.

— Down at the courthouse: I canÕt make out the good guys from the bad. But I bet it has something to do with people not doing their jobs and wanting to get paid for it. Along with politicians not doing their jobs and wanting to get paid for it. Top that off with a county board who ainÕt got a clue, and it all adds up to one hell of a mess.