Hope is dead. I killed it.


— Bumper sticker of the week: ItÕs 98% of politicians that give the rest a bad name.

— Quote of the week: ÒIf you take away a person's hope, maybe theyÕll get off their ass and do something.Ó The Peever

— Questions:

¥ How much Healthy Choice ice cream can you eat before itÕs no longer healthy?

¥ When you go to McDonaldÕs, do you know the dominant theme is subsidized corn?

¥ How often can you read the Bible and keep getting it wrong?

¥ How many dead soldiers does it take to justify a war?

¥ How many people must go bankrupt over health-care costs before the government will do something?

¥ What percentage of poor people have to not vote before a Republican wins?

¥ WerenÕt we all once immigrants?

¥ Why would God allow children to die? IsnÕt he all-powerful?

¥ IsnÕt a novel made-up stuff? Why is the Vatican so upset with The Da Vinci Code?

¥ What does it take to impeach a President? Why does a blow job count, but not a lie that starts a war?

—Immigrants take to the streets: Immigrants have my utmost respect and whole-hearted support. TheyÕre the only ones among us with the courage to let it be known where they stand. They understand that this country would be one filthy dung heap without them working their butts off every day for a lousy wage. Farmland was on the front page of The Register-Mail proclaiming how proud they were for staying open during the demonstrations on May 1st. They should have closed out of respect. They wouldnÕt be open if it werenÕt for immigrants willing to do what a native white man wonÕt. No vegetables would be picked in pesticide covered fields, or motel rooms cleaned after our visits. They ainÕt taking anyoneÕs job, theyÕre doing what no white man or woman wants to do. If employers paid viable wages, these would be sought after jobs. But they donÕt. Let the newcomers work their way up. Or down. If the truth were known, Bush and his fellow numbskulls want illegal immigrants in the U.S. They are a vital part of our economy. Cheap labor.

— Speaking of taking to the streets: BushÕs rating falls below 32%, and still we sit around and moan. They want to send us a $100 check while they are stealing thousands from us, and Cheney badmouths Russia for not being democratic enough. Just what we need. We might as well get everyone pissed off at us. And still, all we do is moan about how unfair it all is. But we always have hope that maybe it will get better. Better to take to the streets with our immigrant brothers and sisters. WeÕre all being treated the same.

— Hope is dead. I killed it: IÕm tired of hoping. Hope is another illusion created by those in power. Do you think hope is going to:

¥ End the war in Iraq?

¥ Make the profiteers stop destroying the environment?

¥ Help the poor improve their condition?

¥ Get us adequate and affordable heath-care?

¥ Protect our children from gangs, drugs, a poor education, overzealous prosecutors?

¥ I hope I find a job?

¥ I hope landlords will rent to me, even though IÕm gay?

¥ I hope my employer treats me fair?

¥ I hope heaven will be better?

Hope leaves the doing for someone else. It will one day miraculously happen. Well, I killed hope. Sorry. ItÕs time for us to get off our collective asses and do something. If we each start to actively do what needs to be done, youÕll never miss hope.