– Bumper sticker of the week: Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

– Quote of the week: "Prison is designed to break one’s spirit and destroy one’s resolve. To do this, the authorities attempt to exploit every weakness, demolish every initiative, negate all signs of individuality – all with the idea of stamping out that spark that makes each of us human and each of us who we are." Robben Island, Nelson Mandela

– The two most dangerous countries in the world: The United States and Israel. Both of these countries possess the world’s most deadly weapons and do not appear hesitant to use them. The leadership of both countries has seriously swung to the right. The talks that are going on between these two military powers occasionally oozes out, and it ain’t good. Both seem eager to rule the world, with Britain’s Tony Blair clamoring to get on-board. These people have got to be voted off the island, or the world is in for a lot of lock-stepped marching, which I understand from some of our local right-winged ministers is hard on the knees.

– None of the democratic candidates who have stepped forward to date to run against Bush in 2004 are much more than moderate Republicans. They all look a bit more progressive only because Bush is so regressive. Someone needs to come out of the union ranks who is singing a completely different tune before I get very excited. One of the songs needs to be about universal health-care, and another, a clear indication that NAFTA needs to be inserted in congress’s butta. All the idiotic, right-winged, Heritage Foundation initiatives being fronted by this administration need to be countered with progressive, new deal policies designed to move us back towards a more sane and civilized world.

– Lane Evans sure is siding a lot with Bush over our latest military endeavors. I’ve always maintained ten years is all a politician should get in any one position. After that, they start getting goofy.

– The rally in Newton, Iowa, looked to be a good one. I was hoping to go, but ended up on the sick list. Congratulations to everyone who went, especially the mayor. Now that everyone is revved up, there should be a rally out at the Maytag plant on a weekly basis. Why let these yahoos off so easy? The rules of engagement:

• Never give the opponent more credit than is due them.

• Maytag deserves our most scornful attention.

• This situation could quite possibly ignite a national backlash against NAFTA and this administration’s pro-business agenda.

• It feels good to be on the "rite" side.

• If the Register-Mail says don’t do it, we should do it.

• Nothing is going to stop this kind of treatment of the American worker but us. Fifteen-hundred people should have been in Newton. We’re obviously still not quite getting it.

– How to be a royal pain in the ass:

• Never let the other side of a story go untold.

• If a sign says don’t – do.

• Ask questions.

• Don’t just read material published by big, corporate owned papers. Read locally owned newspapers, magazines, newsletters. Get your information from a variety of sources, none of which should include the Register-Mail or the TV.

• Speaking of information. If you hear someone repeating something stupid, let them know it’s stupid.

• Never let a racist get by with the profane.

• If a business cheats you, tell everyone you see for 60—90 straight days.

• If someone asks you to kill in the name of freedom and democracy, ask them why they’re not, if it’s such a good idea.

• If the government is involved, understand that your best interests are probably not.

• Make politicians take positions. They have them, they just don’t want to let you know. Not before you vote for them. Don’t accept generalities and meaningless hyperbole.

• Be a contrarian. Why let everyone off so easy?