Impeach the President


Our President is a danger to the world. He needs to be removed from office. He has: 1. Started a war with a lie, and, 2. Illegally spied on American citizens.

These are surely constitutional violations. He needs to be removed — NOW.

— Bumper sticker of the week: War is so last century.

— WhereÕs the holy water? We need it spread over all the Earth.

— The National Guard should also protect us from Canadians: Mexico, hell. What about Canada? I hear tell those Canadians are flocking over the border to partake of our superior health-care system. Seeing they have one of those horrible socialist systems where health-care is made available to every citizen, this is something you would have to expect. We must stop them now, before we all end up speaking Canadian.

— McCain prays to Falwell: ŌPlease help me win the Republican presidential nomination. I swear I wonÕt call you any more names.Ķ I donÕt trust McCain as far as I can see him. HeÕs old school and a war hawk. Of all people, he should be talking about avoiding war at all, if not any, cost. He should know better, having been a POW for years. Apparently he didnÕt use the time to think while being held captive. Otherwise, heÕd be singing a different tune. His rhetoric rings of revenge and the archaic idea of ŌLetÕs get them before they get us.Ķ Seems to me heÕs still being held captive.

— Neil Young scores big: The old rocker comes through again. ŌLiving With WarĶ is a great protest album. I hope his income taxes are in order, 'cause IÕm sure he vaulted to BushÕs Top 10 ŌhitĶ list.

P.S. The Dixie Chicks also let it be known they arenÕt about to be intimidated by Bush and his douche-bag entourage of criminals. Look out for ŌNot Ready to Make Nice.Ķ

— I noticed the danger barometer for a potential terrorist attack recently went up. I almost forgot about this highly scientific breakthrough in national security. My guess is thereÕs an election coming up. Karl Rove is back at work.

— WeÕre all mixed up anyway, why not give one another a break?

— Dear Mr. President: ThereÕs no reason to spy on me. IÕll be right up front with you. I donÕt like you. I cringe when I see your face or hear your voice. In fact, I pretty much like anybody who doesnÕt like you. I have no respect for you. You are a spoiled, spoon fed rich man who doesnÕt have a clue. So donÕt waste your time tapping my phone or reading my computer or checking my library list. YouÕll see nothing but things that upset you. And we wouldnÕt want that.

— Mission (not) Accomplished: This war is wrong. ItÕs easy to see itÕs going to serve absolutely no purpose. In my lifetime IÕve seen three wars do exactly that, serve absolutely no purpose. What do you say to a parent, a husband, a wife, grandparents, children, who have lost a loved one in these wars.: ŌSorry our President lied.Ķ ŌGee, maybe the Domino Theory wasnÕt right after all.Ķ ŌThey said it was for freedom and democracy.Ķ Ends up arrogance, revenge, oil, and world domination are not good motives for war. It only causes grief and sorrow and misery. Our hearts get broken, yet we continue to send our sons and daughters on a one- way ticket to hell. We donÕt want to believe what we know in our hearts to be true: That this is wrong. Dead wrong. And it does not deserve our support.