Leave It To Peever

­­ Bumper sticker of the week: This would be really funny if it wasn't happening to me.

­­ Quote of the week: ''The paradox is that it's all perfect and it all stinks. A conscious being lives simultaneously with both of those.'' Ram Dass

­­ President Bush gave his first commencement address at Yale, his alma mater. For his contributions as President, which to date have been minimal, they awarded him an honorary doctorate degree in law. One hundred and twenty-one professors protested, as did a number of graduating seniors. Here is a guy who can't give a speech without using a teleprompter, which only solves half his problem -- he also can't read. The whole thing has lowered my opinion of Yale, which wasn't too high to begin with.

­­ Here's a little tidbit of global nonsense tucked into Chapter 11 of the NAFTA trade deal which allows big corporations to sue the governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States over any domestic law or regulation the corporation doesn't like, merely by claiming that the law interferes with its business activity. This anti-democratic provision has already produced the following actions:

-- Global corporations won a NAFTA case striking down a U.S. law protecting dolphins from being slaughtered by Mexican based tuna fishermen.--

A Canadian company is suing the U.S. for nearly $1 billion dollars for banning an additive that is polluting California's water supply.--

A Canadian steel fabricator says our ''Buy American'' policy on federal highway projects violates NAFTA. They want us to rescind the policy or pay them $90 million. The kicker to all this is that the suits are decided by a special NAFTA tribunal, not by the country's court system. And the suing company gets to hand pick one of the three tribunal judges. Oh brother!

­­ I hear John Ashcroft is starting each day off with a prayer meeting in his office. While some believe this may be a violation of the church and state laws, I frankly don't blame him. I'd be praying too if I were in his shoes. I would guess his daily monologue with God might go something like this: God, help us to get through another day. Please don't let any more Republicans turn Democrat or Independent. And God, as much as I like the President, please see to it that he schedules a lot of vacations. And don't let him find out Dick is in charge. Amen.

­­ The wind is really blowing. The clouds are flying by. I'm sitting here on the front porch swing, staring at the trees blowing back and forth, dancing to the classical music that is playing in the background. The moment has put me into a trance. The cloud in front of me takes the form of a bear. It hovers there for a minute and than changes into an eagle. Steady the wind blows away the dream. All that is left is the reality that these animals have come to me before. The clouds are gone and the sun is out. The traffic is busier than ever with all the construction work on Henderson Street. As people speed by, they are unaware what has just transpired. That a life can be changed in an instant. They don't understand the mysteries. And they obviously didn't see the squirrel.

­­ One of life's laws: Two of the most common things on earth are water and stupidity.

­­ Things men hate to hear:--

Why don't we just cuddle?--

This explains your car.--

Are you cold?--

Wow, your feet are big.--

Let we know when you're done.

­­ Oh happy days. The senate swings away from the Presidents right-wing ideology and lands smack dab in the laps of the Democrats. I couldn't be happier. I'm glad the Republicans have adopted Newt Gingrich's book, ''How to Honk Off Just About Everyone In The World.'' It's working. These guys get about three people listening to their right-wing nonsense and they think the whole world is with them. I got to admit, I love it.

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