Liar, Liar, pants are on fire


— Bumper sticker of the week: Wish you were beer

— Quote of the week: ÒIf two men agree on something, you can be sure only one of them is doing the thinking.Ó  Lyndon B. Johnson

 ÒHowever beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.Ó  Winston Churchill

— Speaking of results: Welcome to GalesburgÕs economic development. ItÕs not that people havenÕt tried. ItÕs just that weÕre mired in a system that has never proven to be beneficial to any community, anywhere. Giving tax breaks, free land, free anything to businesses, in return for them hiring employees at minimum wage, has never worked, and never will, to the benefit of the community and its residents. For 15 years I have been doing research on whether TIF districts or Enterprise Zones have helped communities economically. Except for a couple of biased studies sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, I have never seen anything remotely suggesting that these give-away programs are good, or even worthwhile, endeavors. In fact, most studies suggest it is bad for a community, particularly the taxing bodies, i.e., school districts, library, etc.  But, of course, itÕs good for the businesses, which is why we have them. The Chamber of Commerce loves them. Galesburg has bought into this propaganda hook, line and sinker. And you can see where it has taken us. Beautiful strategy on paper, lousy results. And no one wants to admit it. ItÕs too lucrative for the good old boys.

— New veterans memorial dedicated: A beautiful memorial was dedicated out at Lincoln Park on Memorial Day. The effort was fronted by Wayne Allan, who did a really nice job putting it all together. I always have mixed emotions about such things, because I appreciate anyone who puts their life on the line for our country, but I dislike war. Putting ideologies and opinions aside, it was a job well done. We should all be proud of the new memorial. I watched a dream become a reality. We need more of that in Galesburg.

— My golf game is improving. Of course, so is my cheating.

— Jerry Falwell is dead. The King of the Right-wing Christians. I wouldnÕt doubt they try to pull off a resurrection. WouldnÕt that be just our luck?

— Why I dislike Bush:

     1. He lies.

     2. He hires liars.

     3. They hire liars.

     4. They get caught lying and lie about their lies.

     5. They finally quit or get fired.

     6. Bush hires more liars to replace the liars.

     7. After they start wearing us down with all those lies, the lies start sounding like the truth.

     8. And we all live happily ever after. God Bless America.

— 3422 and counting: Mission not accomplished.

— Love:

     ¥ Love comes in a variety of flavors, none of them violent.

     ¥ Love has been misused and abused so much that itÕs hard to spot the real deal.

     ¥ Love means having to say youÕre sorry, countless times.

     ¥ Never get married for love, cause it can wear real thin, real quick.

     ¥ They say love make the world go Ôround. I say itÕs gravy.

     ¥ Love can take you a long ways. Unfortunately, sometimes itÕs down.

     ¥ Still, if I had to chose between love and hate, IÕd take love. I hate hate.