The Da Vinci Code vs 6/6/06


— Bumper sticker of the week: Boycott Exxon–Mobil. Buy Citgo.

— Quotes of the week: ÒLife itself is the proper binge.Ó Julia Child ÒI donÕt even butter my bread. I consider that cooking.Ó Katherine Ceprian

— Unfair labor laws: The average worker today has fewer rights than an illegal alien. Public workers have AFSMCE and various other unions to help protect their rights. Someone who can fight for them. The Labor Relations Board will take up their cause, if necessary. But the average everyday Joe has no one to help him. Consequently, many businesses today, both profit and non-profit, are doing whatever they please. Anti-labor attorneys and Republican politicians allow them to do so. WhoÕs going to complain? Remember, with at-will employment, you can be fired for anything. Or rather, nothing. And poof, away goes your health-care. So whoÕs going to say a word when they been wronged? WeÕve gone back to the 1890Õs. The worker is at the mercy of the employer. The longer Republicans stay in charge, the worse this will get. Our answer needs to be to unionize and elect Democrats. Otherwise, donÕt cry when you come up with no job and no health insurance. The cryinÕ time is over.

— For crying out loud:

¥    How long do we have to put up with the 9/11 propaganda? Obviously, not until at least after the next election.

¥    Is ÒAmerican IdolÓ ever going to end? How many mediocre singers are there in America?

¥    The house on North Broad is still being re-modeled. IÕve kept track of it for the last year and a half. It ranks as one of the ten stupidest things IÕve ever seen.

¥    All our right-wing, fundamental, Christian Soldiers are worried about 6/6/06. As much as I can make of it, it has something to do with the Devil. IÕm not sure what is suppose to happen, but I hope he makes them all disappear. That would be really funny. Or rather, devilish.

¥    The Pope is worried about ÒThe Da Vinci Code.Ó If I were him, IÕd be more worried about all the priests chasing around little kids.

¥    The Baptists, who are already in a sweat over 6/6/06, are also worried about ÒThe Da Vinci Code.Ó This also ranks as one of the top ten stupidest things IÕve ever seen. That a novel can shake your faith is a pretty sure sign that youÕre barking up the wrong dogma.

— Super Wal-Mart coming to town will overall, after five years, when all is said and done, net us approximately 30 new jobs. Econo Foods will be history. HyVee will lose anywhere from 15-25% of their business. Most of the new jobs will be filled by people moving from businesses that will be put out of business. The net gain becomes very small.

— To John McCain: Dear John, read my lips: The day for being courteous to you is over. It ended when you decided to court your right-wing brethren in search of the presidential nomination in 2008. The New School students got it right: YouÕre just another right-wing Christian soldier continuing to live off your glory days. I would suggest retiring and spending your days telling war stories at the VFW. IÕm betting theyÕll be a whole lot more courteous and a lot more to your liking.

— I bet the rich white guys in New Orleans are really crying. And the black guys who supported the white guy.

— Things IÕm praying for:

¥   An end to the war.

¥   An end to the Bush administration.

¥   IÕm praying for Ken Lay. However, itÕs somewhat of a devious prayer.

¥   That Super Wal-Mart decides to locate in Rio rather than North Seminary Street.

¥   IÕm praying ÒThe Da Vinci CodeÓ breaks the all-time revenue record for a movie.

¥   IÕm praying my phone wasnÕt tapped when I called my Muslim buddy in Chicago.

¥   IÕve been praying a lot for universal health-care, mainly so I can retire.

¥   IÕm praying that on 6/6/06, nothing bad happens to my dog.

¥   Finally, IÕve been praying to win the lotto, which would answer a lot of my other prayers.

— Happy Birthday: The Zephyr is 17 years old. In year one, bets were at about 97% that it wouldnÕt last 3 months. ItÕs amazing what persistence and reporting of news that doesnÕt get reported by the corporate news will do for a paper. I want to personally thank Norm and Lynn for staying with it all these years and straightening out my illiterate rambling. I have written for The Zephyr for 11 of those 18 years. I have never regretted it for a minute and look forward to peeving everyone each week. Thanks.